This Die Hard on Ice Video Has To Become a Reality

If you’re thinking ‘what the hell did I just watch?’ you’re not alone. Of course if you got excited about the prospect of Die Hard on ice then you may very well be one of those that wants to see it become a reality. Jamie Tabberer of Metro has a few things to say about this prospect as well. Should it though? The argument over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie was pretty rough, but getting people to think that this might be a good idea is something else. There’s no doubt that some people would embrace it simply because it’s another way to enjoy Die Hard, but the image of Hans spinning about before and possibly after he realizes that the guy killing his men now has a machine gun, ho ho ho, is kind of awkward. Plus, the whole idea of terrorists on ice skates is kind of awkward since in some way it does tend to take away from the whole danger aspect of the performance. I get it, doing something different is always going to be the popular idea and this is bound to appeal to a lot of people, but for some reason it just feels as though it’s one direction that Die Hard shouldn’t have taken.

Some things are hard to improve on, and Die Hard has made that abundantly clear since no matter what the box office says none of the movies after the first one have been all that great. From the second Die Hard all the way to the most recent, the movies have lacked something that the original had, a real sense that John McClane was out of his depth and had no chance whatsoever. In fact the only time that it’s felt as though he couldn’t handle things came when he was getting his butt handed to him by Maggie Q, and even then the impression was that his hard-nosed brawling style was going to help more than hinder him in the end. With Hans and his crew it really felt as though John was completely outclassed and outgunned and was going to be leaving Nakitomi Plaza in pieces by the time the movie was over and done with, and to be fair he did get beat up quite a bit during the movie since his run-in with Karl and the hell he went through just to survive was more than any one person might be capable of in the real world. But the other movies followed this pattern pretty much and as a result there wasn’t a whole lot of surprise that came along as the titles continued to roll out.

Hopefully if the first movie ever does come out on ice, and it could very well, it wouldn’t be followed by another, and then another, and then another as has happened in the theaters. Want to know the real problem with the sequels? Die Hard could have become a TV series following the first one and it would have been just as successful, and just as popular since the sequels have attracted several people, but not in the same way that the first movie did. While it wasn’t given much thought initially when it was released, it’s become more and more popular as the years have gone on and more people have been turned on to it. Die Hard has become a movie that many people can recognize and as a result has become one of the most popular movies to quote and to watch pretty much any time of the year, but especially during Christmas. You do have to wonder how a skating event would replicate certain moments, especially when Hans falls from the building. There are a few ways to do it of course but it’s still interesting to think about since that’s one of the most iconic moments in the entire movie. And then there’s the best catchphrase which begins with ‘yippie kay ay….”, which would hopefully be left in and unaltered since like it or not this isn’t a kids’ show and should be able to have some foul language here and there to make certain that it’s true to form.

Is it allowable to show an R-rated ice show? That’s an interesting question that would need to be answered since anything less just wouldn’t be Die Hard. And if anyone’s thinking that seeing anyone but Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber would be a disappointment then you’re not alone since he made the character and is next to impossible to replace. But for the sake of the show we’d have to accept that the skaters would be professionals that would hopefully study the movie and do their best, since not only did Alan Rickman pass away, but it’s easy to think that most of those that were a part of the original wouldn’t be getting up on ice skates anytime soon.

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