This Life Sized Baby Yoda LEGO Build Took Over 14,000 Bricks

Baby Yoda

Can anyone imagine what’s going to happen when the Child’s arc has to end? Hopefully, it won’t happen for a while, but it’s a sure bet that there will be a few articles on it and that some people will demand that the Child needs to be brought back into the mix. There are plenty of ways that a lot of people could spin the idea that there’s no mention of the Child in the most recent trilogy, especially since it’s a big galaxy and some people actually try to disappear and find some success in doing so. Plus, with so much focus on other aspects of Star Wars, it’s very easy to say that a lot of stories just tend to slip by and don’t get the kind of notice that would make them stand out as others have. But the Child is such an icon in the Star Wars franchise at this time that it’s not hard to imagine why a life-size Lego version of him now exists, especially since his influence has been felt all around the Star Wars fanbase at this point. It’s not at all hard to believe that this likeness took hours to complete, especially since the details are intricate enough that the finished product is nothing short of impressive.

It’s kind of amazing how one character in a story can grab at the attention of fans and keep it for so long since one would think that the Mandalorian, Din Djarin, would be the main focus of the fans, but the Child, or Baby Yoda, as he’s known, has been one of the main focal points since he showed up early in season one. It’s not too surprising really, he is a cute bugger and has proven to be quite useful since he stopped the mudhorn from trampling Din, and is a great character since the fact that he’s a child has made him even more endearing. Plus, when a person thinks about it, if the Child had been any older it’s likely that his Force powers would have been a lot more developed and he could have possibly wreaked havoc on the outpost where Din found him and could have done a lot more damage to anyone and anything that he touched through the Force up to this point. Being a child though means that he has limitations and that the Force might be strong with him, but his body is still unused to the strain that using the Force in such a big way can cause.

The number of bricks that it took to make this little guy is insane, but then it makes a person think about how many it might have taken to make the clone troopers that were so prominently featured in toy stores at one time or other creations that feature even more detail in their construction. Some people are such serious Lego enthusiasts that they probably don’t even balk at thousands of bricks, while many of us see that number and feel our jaws hang open at the thought of trying to put them all together in the right place to create the construct that they’re supposed to make. Some of us can admit that trying to even construct something half this size, or even a fraction of this size is absolutely daunting since it requires so much patience and so much time to complete that a lot of people would probably get up a few hours in and say ‘I’m done’ without any thought of going back to it. It’s true, building anything out of Legos that takes more than twenty to thirty minutes is daunting for a lot of people since the idea of sitting there and assembling the blocks sometimes makes a person think that only the most dedicated individuals even have the nerve for it. The truth is that some people just can’t sit still that long, and it’s likely that even the most dedicated have to take breaks every so often in order to keep that level of focus.

One has to wonder just how many versions of the Child will be seen to circulate in the months and possibly years to come since it’s fair to ask just how long the little guy’s arc is going to go and whether he’ll be around for a while to come yet or if the arc will close and The Mandalorian will go on without him, or end at the same time. It’s hard to say right now since season 2 is fast approaching and people are hoping that things will happen in a way that allows the show to stick around for a while since there’s so much that people still want to see. With this much interest, it’s easy to think that the Child will be around for some time to come.

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