This Live-Action Spider-Verse Fan Trailer Brings All Three Spider-Men Together

So yeah, there are more than three ‘Spider-Men’ since Gwen Stacy is a spider-woman to be fair and there are other spider-enhanced characters like Spider-Pig out there as we’ve seen thanks to Into the Spider-Verse. One obvious benefit of all this is that we’ve been given a much wider look at the multiverse and as a result have a lot more heroes to root for and the Marvel universe has expanded in a way that allows for just about anything since the number of variations on villains and heroes has virtually exploded. But it’s likely that people are thinking more about Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland when they think about the big three since apart from Miles Morales, they’re the ones that really kicked off the cinematic version of the webslinger and kept him going for so long. Spider-Gwen has become a big hit as well, but sticking to the three individuals that really got things going is likely what most people would want to see for a live action movie. Whether that would or could ever happen is hard to say since the rights to the character are usually in such a flux that trying to sort out whether Sony would even want the MCU involved is a big question that’s not easy to answer without the two companies front and center to answer every idea that comes to mind.

There are still people that would gladly pull for Maguire to come back, while there are a few that might want to see Garfield take the role again, but the resounding approval definitely lies with Holland as he came on the scene and took on the role in a different manner just like his predecessors. Adding Miles and Gwen and pretty much everyone else into the mix however would make for a very crowded movie, kind of like an MCU version of the Expendables, almost. But it’s hard to deny that fans would want to see it, especially if the core three actors were to come back and make an appearance that would satisfy the urging that people have to see Maguire. But personally I’d love to see more of Gwen Stacy and even Miles since they do happen to represent the future of the Spider-Man name and power set, though the classic will always be favorite since he’s the original and he’s the guy that knows the most about being Spider-Man in the first place.

The kind of arguments that tend to come when someone says ‘original’ about a comic book character are usually bound to get kind of heated and even be based around facts and little known trivia details and a lot of ‘what if’ conjecture that goes down pathways that are laden with headaches and can cause eye strain from rolling your eyes so often due to the fact that many people won’t just accept the reality of it. Peter Parker was the first, THE Spider-Man, like it or not, and yes, time has gone by and he’s undergone a few reboots and a bit of retooling and has definitely seen a great deal of change. But he’s still the man when it comes to the suit and the powers and no matter how impressive those that come after him are, and they are impressive without any doubt, he’s going to be the guy that kicked it all off. Hearing Miles Morales claim to be ‘the’ Spider-Man was kind of funny until one realizes that if Peter Parker does exist in his universe it’s likely that he never acquired any powers and is kind of a nobody at this point.

It’d be great to see a live action version of Into the Spider-Verse in some ways but in others it’s kind of not needed since the animated movie really nailed down the feeling and look of the many different individuals that have donned the mask and have similar powers. Plus, a live action movie might actually take something away from the story since the animated version was able to get away with many things that a live action movie would require heavy CGI work to accomplish. One way or another both movies would rely heavily on animation at one point and from this standpoint the one that will always do it better would be the fully animated movie if only because it can play with the laws of physics a little further than a live action movie would allow since the nature of animation is that it can definitely get away with more than a live movie can. Even if they’re more serious than usual, people tend to forgive an animated movie their slips and brushes with the laws of physics since the nature of a cartoon, however well-rendered it is, to bounce back a little easier than a real-life character.

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