This Matrix 4 Theory Thinks That Neo Might be a Villain

Matrix 4

As long as there’s entertainment there are going to be theories since that’s kind of how things work, and how we as human beings operate since the need to question everything and come up with different ideas, even if they’re not always correct, is a part of what makes entertainment continue to thrive. But this theory that Neo might actually be the villain in The Matrix 4 is one that a lot of people might want to sit and debate since the gist of it is that without the One there to preserve some sort of balance between the humans and the machines (not like he really did to begin with) it’s believed that the machines might actually take Neo’s body and reanimate it somehow. But if there is going to be a time-jump it’s fair to state that unless the machines took his body and preserved it, which is likely, then the machines do probably have enough information on Neo to download a premade consciousness into his mind and create a weapon that the humans would be hard-pressed to fight, and could swing things back in the machines favor.

That’s kind of a swing into left field though in search of a home run, but it’s not the worst idea possible. If the plan is to create another trilogy it could be one heckuva redemption arc for Neo as he seeks to find Trinity or Trinity is somehow brought back and seeks Neo since they’re destined for each other. As far as where the rest of the character’s fit in if there is going to be a time jump involved, it’s hard to say since it depends on how many years have passed. The mention of 60 years means that everyone in the original trilogy would have either passed away or would be elderly or getting there by now since even the youngest among Zion’s people would be old men and women.

The mere mention of a Matrix 4 has been keeping people thinking, especially since there have been so few details as to what the story will be about and what direction it will go in. Some people might say ‘it’s about the Matrix and the humans of course’, but no offense, that’s a very simple answer and doesn’t do the question justice. It might sound snide and even a bit elitist, but the fact is that the Matrix is a pretty deep story that somehow managed to get a little too mainstream and existential for its own good at one point since it almost felt like the story was being tugged in several different directions at once and the overall tone and voice suffered for it. Plus, such a heavy inclusion of CGI, and poor CGI at that, didn’t help matters any since at some point it became a cartoon/live-action hybrid that deviated wildly from the original movie. Had the story ended with the initial movie, it’s very likely that a sequel would have a lot more force to it, and the fourth movie wouldn’t be making some people groan at this point as a lot of us are waiting to see just how Neo and Trinity will be brought back, and how the story will be picked up after the peace was formed.

From a personal standpoint, it almost feels as though this story should have been a spinoff from the original, or perhaps a prequel to better understand how the war kicked off, or how the different versions of Neo went about saving or letting down the people of Zion. There’s so much more to this story that could have been told, but deciding to push forward and bring up the idea of bringing back characters that gave such a heroic sacrifice is something that’s kind of hard to get behind. In a way, it makes those sacrifices a little less since by bringing them back, it’s kind of like saying that the same rules that apply in comic books apply here as well, that death isn’t permanent and that people will just keep cycling through one life to get to the next. That in itself isn’t a bad idea, but bringing back the same actors for the same roles feels like a less than wise move.

But then again, I’m not a filmmaker, though I am a storyteller, and every tale is valid until it isn’t. The trick here is to determine just who gets to say a story is valid or not, which is kind of a trick question. The truth is that The Matrix 4 is being highly anticipated by some fans, while others are likely rolling their eyes and thinking that it was time to end the story a while ago. One thing is clear though, part 4 had better come with a story that people can’t resist.

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