This Video is Why There Needs to be a Gambit Movie

What if Gambit and Rogue were to come first in the MCU and everyone else followed after? It might not even have to be Channing Tatum in the lead role any longer since the actors in this short movie do just fine and give the sense that they could fit the roles without much effort. Remy LeBeau, who used to get so little respect due to his role in the X-Men movies, really needs to finally come bursting onto the big screen in a way that will convince people that he’s a worthwhile character finally. From his personality to his powers, Gambit is one of the best X-Men that would fit the time period since he didn’t start out as a hero and he was definitely one of the most unorthodox heroes of his time since he’s usually been kind of rogue, no pun intended, considering that he hasn’t always followed the rules. In one comic, during his run as a villain, he actually blew half of Wolverine’s face off before making his escape, possibly thinking that the fast-healing mutant was down or at least out of the fight for a bit. Of course, Wolverine got back up and started following him, but the point is that Gambit can hold his own with some of the toughest of the bunch.

Giving Gambit his own movie would be wise not only because it might be another way to bring the rest of the X-Men to the MCU, but also because if the movie was given a decent to great director and a pleasing script it would show people that this character is far more impressive than he’s been allowed to be in the past. In X-Men: Origins-Wolverine, the Gambit we saw wasn’t the worst representation, but he definitely wasn’t the best and he wasn’t given enough time to really expand his character. But the fact that he respected Wolverine to some degree was nice since in the comics, Gambit did have a tendency to side with Wolverine during their time in the X-Men, even if this wasn’t highlighted that often. While Logan might not have always liked Gambit, the reality is that he and the Cajun mutant did manage to coexist in a much more efficient way than Wolverine did with so many others, as it was kind of an annoyance/acceptance relationship that the two men had with each other. But because of that, it could be that this would be another way to bring Wolverine into the MCU and allow him to shine as he did while being played by Hugh Jackman.

At this time it’s hard to say if Disney is even going to focus on Gambit, but the character actually deserves this since among the many X-Men he has one of the best stories since from the time he was young to the moment he joined the X-Men, Remy has quite a few tales to tell, and he has worked with the bad guys in the past, so he does have a sordid history that could be explained on the big screen or possibly in his own series. But his history and his powers are both deserving of a shot when it comes to telling his story since he’s one of the more interesting mutants of the bunch. There are many others that would be interesting to see brought into the mix in a bigger way as well, such as Jubilee, Dazzler, and several others that could be modified and slightly improved upon. Gambit wouldn’t need much in the way of improvement since his powers are already insane and if the MCU took a cue from the comics they’d find that he doesn’t need to be OP since his capabilities are already impressive.

As far as who would play Gambit, the actor in the clip is actually doing a pretty good job. No offense to Channing Tatum, but watching him try to do an accent is kind of cringe-worthy, and Gambit really needs someone that can dip into the Cajun accent without having to try too hard. Plus, while Tatum has a natural charm to him, it’s still not quite enough to emulate Remy’s ability to lower a person’s guard by simply being himself. This is a character that really needs to be nailed down in the best possible way, but it feels that if Disney were to bring this character in that he might very well be given someone that doesn’t fully understand him and wouldn’t do enough research to make a worthwhile attempt. It would actually be better to bring Taylor Kitsch back into the fold at this point if the individual in this clip wasn’t available or desired since he does kind of have the look that Remy needs, and the cocky attitude. He’d just need a bit of development with the character and it might work. For Rogue, Anna Paquin wasn’t too bad, but it feels as though another woman that could pull off the feisty, powerful southern belle might be a good idea at this point.

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