“Thor: Ragnarok” Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

For those who have never heard of Honest Trailers before, it is basically a YouTube channel and show that tells you the honest to goodness truth on some of the biggest movies that have been released. The most recent episode, or trailer, finally paid tribute to the first Thor movie to in the franchise to actually get all of the depictions right, and is also praising all of the creativeness that oozes from the film itself. In this article, we are going to break down the Honest Trailer episode for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, and what it is teaching us about the comic book/super hero franchise films that we are seeing take the world by storm. With that said, let’s break down this Honest Trailer.

‘Embracing The Weirdo’

As the episode states over and over again, this installment of the Thor films has finally embraced the weirdness that is ever present in the comic books in the first place. Not only that, this film truly allowed Taika Waititi to let his own weirdness shine through the story and bring Thor to life in a whole new light. Rather than being a dull, hero saves the world, basic film that we had seen with the first two installments, ‘Ragnarok’ took a slightly more psychedelic approach, and added more comedy and subtle jokes into the mix to tell a more interesting story. Along with all of this, Waititi also took the notion to strip Thor of everything that made him Thor in the first place — Things like his hair, his random sidekicks, and even his hammer. Needless to say, this Thor has given the franchise a new sense of being.

In A Rut

As the Honest Trailer depicts in a subtle manner, the two previous Thor films that are in the Marvel Universe franchise have made the character and the projects to get stuck in a rut. A rut that made it seem boring, and run of the mill for the many other super heroes that we have seen take to the screen since the debut of Thor himself. That is what makes ‘Ragnarok’ such a diverse and unique film. It allowed for Waititi to let his creative and unique weirdness shine through, and to tell a different story that was more appealing to audiences, and because of that, it makes it all the more exciting and watchable.

Although upon first glance, the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Honest Trailer may seem a bit harsh; However, under the seams of it all, we can see that they are truly praising the film for taking a different and more entertaining approach for a hero that was falling behind amongst the others. It also shows us why it is so great to embrace the weirdness, especially in the case of eccentric director Taika Waititi, who had no fear when showing off his uniqueness with this latest Thor film. You can watch the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Honest Trailer, and Honest Trailers for other popular blockbuster hits, on their YouTube channel.

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