Three General Hospital Deaths that Still Make Us Cry

General Hospital fans aren’t fans of a show that is primarily based in a hospital without the idea that some of their favorite characters might die here and there. They will. It’s just how it is, and it’s just how it works. People die. They don’t come back. They don’t make it. They are not the kind of people who can come back, either. So many of their deaths are so final with transplants and surgeries that don’t work and so on. And we are so sad when so many people die. But, we also know that they will. However, there are a handful of deaths that are so shocking, so overwhelming, and so heartbreaking that it’s often hard for us to think of them. Each one made us cry more than others, and we want to make sure you’re on the same page as us when it comes to the most heartbreaking deaths in Port Charles.


You absolutely do not get to call yourself a fan of this show if this young man’s death does not haunt you in all the ways. He is one of the most prolific, one of the most amazing, one of the most horrifying deaths we can imagine. He was a good kid so in love with Robin. They were so sweet. They were so happy. And then he got sick. He was not feeling well. Things were not going well for him, and that’s when the hospital diagnosed him with AIDS. He was a young man who didn’t have a fighting chance to survive this diagnosis, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. However, he continued to love his girlfriend, and even she ended up HIV positive. The days in which he was close to the end are some of the most heartbreaking in all of television. He was so special and so wonderful, and it was so hard to watch this all happen as things unfolded. He still makes us cry when we think of him.


More so than his death, it’s the horrible aftermath that was part of his life that changed us forever. We cried endless tears when he died. Ava did this. She switched his medication knowing how much he needed it, and how crazy he could be without it, and then his car exploded. She is not directly responsible for killing him, but she did cause most of this to happen, and she broke a family. She crushed his parents. She crushed her own daughter, who was in love with him at the time of his death. There is a lot of sadness from this death, and it’s ongoing. His parents and his siblings have so much trouble overcoming this, and they are all still struggling so many years later. They visit his gravesite regularly. They miss him. They do all that they can to make it seem right, but they cannot do too much else. They are crushed without this young man.


What made us so sad about this one is that she was just getting a little bit interesting when she died. She was a young woman who was finally standing up to her mother, and she was learning to be an adult. What didn’t make sense to us, though, is how abrupt her death really was. She was here one day, and she was dead the next at the hands of Ryan, who was pretending to be Kevin in the moment. There was such a sadness to this story. Her mother, Ava, was horrified and broken. She was so horrible to her daughter for so long, and she was forced to overcome that and live with her choices when her daughter was killed by the man she loved. She didn’t know he wasn’t Kevin, and she didn’t know he killed her daughter until later. It was another of those storylines that still brings tears to your eyes as you watch this woman continue to struggle with the choices she made in her life. She did horrible things. She knew that she was doing them, and she thought she had a lifetime to fix them, repair them, and make them right.

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