It’s Time to Drum up Some News About Shameless

The good news about Shameless is that the show started filming this month.  The bad news is that we still have no clue when the premiere date is.  Even worse news that yes, Debs will be on the show in season 8.  Fans of Shameless, who are waiting for the official release date of Season 8, are going to have to continue to wait as the release date has yet to be confirmed by Showtime.   Earlier this month fans were greeted by an Emmy Rossum social media post confirming that filming has begun.   But don’t forget just last year we weren’t even sure if a Season 8 would exist.

As The Christian Post reminds us, there was a period of time when the future of the show was in danger as Emmy Rossum was demanding increased pay. The actress also wanted to be compensated for all of the years that William H. Macy was receiving higher wages than she was. This, in turn, stemmed a pretty big debate over whether or not actors received more money simply because they were men. Did William H. Macy receive a higher salary because he was a man or was it because he had more talent and experience than Emmy Rossum when the show started? It was reported that Emmy was unwilling to work on additional seasons of the series unless her pay demands were met.

We may never know what the actual deals worked out were but obviously both sides compromised.   Macy also publicly supported Rossum in her salary demands.   According to Inquisitr

While Showtime has remained tight-lipped on the release date for Season 8 of Shameless, media outlets and fan pages have been exploring with rumors and theories on what is going to be in store for the Gallaghers this season. For starters, fans have speculated on a number of characters returning to the series including Mickey, Sheila, Sean, and maybe even Jimmy. Will any — or all — of these characters be returning to the cast for Season 8? Could Mandy return? What about Sammi? Would they bring back Karen and her husband even though she’s brain damaged now? Some have even questioned whether or not Monica was actually dead.

The other big question Shameless fans have about Season 8 is in regards to Fiona’s love life. As fans who are up to date with the series know, Fiona decided to take some time off from men. After all, she hadn’t exactly had the best luck in the love department. While some fans like the new Fiona without the need to be with a man, others don’t think she’s capable of going that long without being intimate.

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