That Time the Real Dolly Parton Lost in a Dolly Parton Look Alike Contest

If you can believe it there was a time when Dolly Parton lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest. Yes, read that once or twice just to make sure you’ve got the idea and can fully grasp it, because it’s kind of hard to imagine that anyone would mistake this woman for anyone else in a lineup of lookalikes, but it’s true. It’s unknown just where this contest was when it happened but she glammed herself up so much that she managed to make herself unrecognizable in a way that made her get passed by as someone else rather than her own famous self. That’s enough to make a person laugh right there and not feel a dang bit guilty about it.

I’ll pull back a second and state that I used to listen to Dolly Parton growing up and enjoyed her songs, but to think that anyone could possibly mistake this woman for anyone else is kind of mind-boggling. In her heyday before any plastic surgery she was a stunner and whether dolled up or toned down she could turn heads just walking on by. So it’s hard to imagine that a face like hers that’s been plastered up on billboards, across the TV, on movies, and everywhere else that it’s possible, could be mistaken for anyone else. Maybe if she’d opened her mouth and started singing they might have known for certain that it was her.

But to those that were judging the contest she was just another person dressed up in drag as far as they knew. Oh yeah, the competition was for drag queens that were attempting to look like the iconic country music star. You can just imagine the lengths that some of these performers went to in order to get their look right and the kind of razzle dazzle that some people might have used to make themselves stand out. Say what you want about drag queens then or now but a lot of them have this glamorous sense of style that you can’t help but admire in a way for nothing more than the idea that they’re that dedicated to what they do. The fact that they were attempting to do Dolly Parton makes it all the more obvious that the glitz and glam was dialed up to FULL that night and as a result Dolly probably took it to new levels that even she hadn’t thought of yet.

And yet she lost.

She lost to men that were attempting to become her if only for one night because she went so far past her normal looks that the judges might have thought she was just another man trying to look as pretty as possible. That’s amazing really. I wonder what would have happened if she’d just come out in her customary makeup and kept things the way she usually did. She might have still lost but there’s a chance that she would have been a little less disappointed since she was just being herself and not a glitzed up version of herself.

I’m still laughing and wanting to know if she ever dropped the charade and let them all know who she was.

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