10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tina Majorino

There were a few years there where it seemed like we might not see Tina Majorino for a while but thankfully she’s come back and is currently featured on the show Scorpion. If you’ve been watching throughout the years however you might have noticed that she’s been a very prevalent actress in Hollywood and has taken up a lot of roles that have allowed her to show off the talent she has and the ability to conform to different parts. One thing about Tina is that she seems to bring the same kind of mannerisms and attitude to each part and yet it fits so well that people don’t really seem to notice as much. She’s a very vibrant person that somehow slips in the same kind of acting style to each role but all the same she manages to tweak it just enough to make it work and create a character that happens to become one of the more popular cast members.

It could be a matter of perception but it’s no doubt a credit to her acting. Here are a few other things you might have forgotten or don’t know about her.

10. She was in Waterworld.

As Enola she was kind of a pain sometimes but she was a curious child that didn’t like to sit still and was apt to get into anything and everything that she could find. Sounds like pretty much any kid right? The difference here is that Enola came from the only dry land left in the world, and had a map tattooed on her back on how to find it.

9. She’s a black belt in the martial art Tang Soo Do.

Tang Soo Do is a combination of several different martial arts and originated in Korea. To think that she’s a capable fighter is kind of difficult just by looking at her since she seems like such an unassuming and nice person. But you might not want to try her since a few of the styles that Tang Soo Do borrows from are pretty brutal.

8. She started singing before she could talk.

Tina was trained in Opera from the age of 7 and possesses a beautiful voice. Some kids just keep on babbling for a good part of their childhood while they gain the use of their language, but Tina was ready to start singing and let her voice be heard.

7. She’s in Corrina, Corrina.

She plays the part of a young girl whose mother has left and whose father is attempting to find a housekeeper that can handle his daughter since she’s what you might call a difficult child. Keeping a housekeeper that she won’t terrorize or lash out at becomes a great struggle until Corrina comes along.

6. She was in a band at one time.

It’s always good to have other interests to keep life moving along, and she was once a band called The AM Project. Whether she and the band still talk or not isn’t really known but there’s a good chance she’s still interested in music.

5. She was in Napoleon Dynamite.

This movie seems as though it was all about being awkward and learning to deal with it in a world that treats people that are seen as weird and strange in a very negative way. Deb was definitely one of the highlights of the film as she had the qualities necessary to get people interested and keep them watching.

4. She graduated high school at 15 years old.

Prodigies are very normal in society and somehow some of them manage to get ahead in a way that might confuse and even infuriate people, but the fact is that there are those that are able to coast through school in a way that a lot of us just can’t understand.

3. She has a life-threatening nut allergy.

It seems like a lot more people have been seen to have nut allergies in the last couple of decades, but maybe we’ve just started noticing it. All the same this is one allergy that some people really have to watch out for since a lot of foods tend to use nuts in abundance for one thing or another.

2. She was featured in P!nk video.

The video and song both highlight a very personal and pervasive argument that the artist makes in a lot of her works, and that’s the fact that people are fine just as they are. P!nk has been known to sing many a song where the main point is that you don’t need to change who you are for anyone else, and despite the combative way she goes about it, sometimes, her point is very clear and very positive.

1. She was in When A Man Loves A Woman.

She plays the older daughter in a household where the mother is an alcoholic and the father is an unfortunate enabler. It’s a rather chaotic mess that the kids have to go through but in the end it starts to get better.

She’s had a very interesting career to this point and it seems poised to keep going, which is great.

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