Tiny Fey Kills it As Sarah Palin Endorsing Donald Trump on SNL

We all knew it was coming. Everyone was waiting for Tina Fey to come out as Sarah Palin last night on SNL and as expected, Fey delivered. As the whole world predicted this past week, the return of Sarah Palin to the national stage in order to endorse Donald Trump for president was just as good as we’d all hoped it would be.

Obviously the second that Sarah Palin got back into the spotlight this week it was a no brainer that SNL’s producer Lorne Michaels would be reaching out to Fey. The real Sarah Palin clearly brought this upon herself after appearing in Iowa to explain (and in absolutely horrible sentence structure) why Donald Trump will “Make America great again.” And of course Fey delivered. But was it really that difficult? Frankly all she had to do was put on the glasses, start talking, and you knew the crowd would go wild.

Personally I enjoyed seeing Darrell Hammond up there doing a flawless Trump. Perhaps Fey’s best line as Palin was, “We’ve seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes,” she said, referring to her son’s recent run-in with the law. “We turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see we’re not even on it, because we’ve been replaced by immigrants like Geraldo Rivera.”

Hammond’s Trump responds by saying, “She’s crazy isn’t she?”

“They say Trump and his trumpeters are right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud of clingers of our guns,” Fey continued, repeating nearly verbatim what Palin said in her Iowa speech earlier in the week. “But he can kick ISIS ass, because he commands fire.”

“Guess what, America, I don’t really think this guy should be president,” she added later. “I’m just here ‘cause he’s promised me a spot in his cabinet. And I belong in a cabinet ’cause I’m full of spice and I’ve got a great rack.”

Man that was awesome.

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