10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tiwa Savage

It’s easy to see how you might not have heard about Tiwa Savage unless you’re fully into the world music scene. She’s hardly a nobody since she’s gained a great deal of renown throughout her career and she’s been around some of the greatest artists in history. But it’s also fair to say that there are just so many people out there to pay attention to that her name might get buried amidst the press of famous people now and again. Be that as it may she’s come a long way throughout the course of her life to achieve the kind of fame that a lot of people want but don’t ever receive, even if she’s not exactly a household name. The fact is that she’s a world-class artist and someone that has earned the respect that she’s due and the fame that she seems to enjoy and utilize to give her fans what they want.

Here are a few things about Tiwa you might not have known.

10. Her following on social media is massive.

She has millions of followers that are constantly checking up and checking in to see what’s going on in her career and her life and she stays pretty active it would seem since there are so many that want to converse with her and know what’s happening. Some might be kind of loathe to give up this kind of personal time but some people do seem to enjoy it.

9. Recently she signed a huge deal with Universal Music Group.

Aisha Salaudeen from CNN covered this tidbit as it was shown that Tiwa signed with UMG in a huge deal that could elevate her status beyond what she’s already enjoyed so far in her career. This is one of those momentous days that a person will likely look back on in their lives and hold sacred as the day that their fortune changed for the better.

8. When she was 11 her family moved to London.

This was likely a big switch from Lagos and forced her and her family to undergo a lot of changes to their lifestyle. But it’s just as obvious that they did acclimate and things did work out since she studied hard and applied herself in a way that really allowed her to rise above any and all challenges in her life.

7. She did backup vocals for George Michael when she was 16.

How many people can make that claim? George Michael was, before his unfortunate passing, one of the hottest stars around back in the day and was also one of those that people still revered once he started getting older as someone that was deserving of respect.

6. At this point she’s performed on stage with some very notable stars.

Tiwa has shared the stage with some very big names in music and has been holding her own throughout for a good long while now so it’s fair to assume that her confidence level is rather high and she knows what she’s doing when it comes to singing with another musician.

5. She had to deal with a lot of ridicule from people who thought she wouldn’t make it.

Sadly this is a part of a lot of life when it comes to trying to be the best you can be. People who are either envious, jealous, or just plain spiteful for one reason or another will attempt to keep you down and convince you that whatever you do is no good. That kind of negative feedback has claimed too many artists that might have gone on to do something with their lives, but thankfully Tiwa didn’t take any of this to heart.

4. She was the first African female to sign with Pepsi.

Being first for anything is something of an honor since it indicates that you’ve accomplished something and set a standard that other people will either follow or at least recognize in some way. Whether this accomplishment will gain that much notice in the years to come remains to be seen.

3. Sadly, her marriage ended on kind of a sour note.

Her husband accused her of infidelity and her mother of witchcraft so you can see that things didn’t really end all that well. Tiwa did debunk his claims of infidelity and the marriage just kind of fell apart after a while.

2. She’s been nominated for a lot of awards and won a pretty good number of them.

Apart from her successful career Tiwa does have a very impressive number of awards to show for her efforts.

1. Her current net worth is close to $5 million.

It’s a shade under $5 million but seeing as how she signed a deal that could possibly take her further and higher than she’s been in the recent past it’s definitely possible that her net worth could continue to rise and rise.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do in terms of your career.

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