Has TLC Become The Most Exploitative Network On Television?

Let’s be brutally honest; There is controversy everywhere we turn, especially when we look at the media and the programs that the entertainment industry are throwing into our laps. In fact, one of the networks that we see putting forth the most controversial and talked about programs is that of TLC, who seems to, in a way, exploit several different individuals and lifestyles. So, has TLC become too exploitative with its programming, and the types of shows and specials that it airs for its audiences? That is what we are here to debate.

On one hand, TLC is considered ‘The Learning Channel’, right? The programming that is aired on the station is meant to spread a truth about the differences that exist between all different people, and all different lifestyles in our society today. Some would even say that these programs allow for a better understanding, and helps others to show more equality and compassion to those who are different from us. However, in a world where everyone and their donkey is offended by something new everyday, it only makes us question the real motive behind these TLC programs that have become so popular.

As the years have gone on, we have seen an increase in shows that specifically point out the “taboo” and “unusual” lifestyles that exist in our society. The topics of obesity, little people, polygamy, and having twenty children seem to spark some time of interest in the minds of viewers all over, and of course, helps to boost the ratings of the network itself. With that said, it can only be assumed that TLC continues to create new series, specials, and other programming of this sort in order to exploit these lifestyles, and increase their ratings. It makes you wonder further what others (who haven’t been exploited on the various shows) have to think or feel watching their ‘lives’ be depicted on the silver screen in such a way that might be false.

In all honesty, the debate could go on and on, as many different individuals have varying viewpoints on what is considered exploitation, and what is considered an education. In our opinion, we feel that TLC could definitely dial down on the programming that is surrounding these “unusual” or “different” lifestyles. We are sure that at first, the programming choices were totally innocent, and meant to educate others in compassion and understanding; However, the programming has seemed to become more exploitative, almost making fools of these individuals without them knowing any different, and putting them in the heart of controversy.

Obviously, this is just one opinion, and we are sure that there will be no stopping of these types of programming anytime soon, especially with ratings for TLC reaching record highs for the network itself. Nonetheless, it may be time for others to realize the potential exploitation at hand, and remember why these types of shows aired in the first place — Compassion, understanding, and respect. You can find other argumentative perspectives on this topic, as well as information about some of the programming that is on TLC, all throughout social media and the web.

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