Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 ‘Releap’ Recap

Well, I guess we’ve hit the limit on how many puns I can make out of the episode titles for Tokyo Revengers. As always, there are lots of spoilers for Tokyo Revengers in this article, so be sure to catch up on the series (either anime or manga) before you read, or at the very least be prepared to have the episode ruined for you. Episode 5 takes us along for the ride as Takemichi goes back in time yet again in order to devise a plan to save Draken, one of the leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, which will then allow him to save his high school girlfriend, Hinata, from being killed twelve years in the future. So, what happens in Tokyo Revengers episode 5, titled ‘Releap?’

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5

So, in Tokyo Revengers episode 5, we find Takemichi walking into his previous job where he is immediately fired. At first he’s confused as to why he’s being let go, but then his coworker tells him that it’s because he’s been gone for two weeks and left without any notice. He realizes that when he went back into the past in order to gain information on the Tokyo Manji Gang, he was gone for two weeks and that time had also passed in the real world. Afterwards, we see Takemichi conversing with Naoto in order to figure out what happened to turn Mikey and the Tokyo Manji Gang as evil as it is in the present, because when Takemichi left the past, it was an entirely different beast. They find out that one of the Tokyo Manji Gang leaders, Ryuguji Ken, was killed in an incident involving fifty biker gang members. According to reports, there was a conflict between the Mikey faction and Draken faction of the Tokyo Manji Gang, which led to Draken being stabbed in the abdomen and killed. After they realize that Draken’s death led the Tokyo Manji Gang to become evil and eventually kill Takemichi’s high school girlfriend and Naoto’s sister, Hinata twelve years in the future.

Back to the Future

Takemichi then realizes that he must go back in time to save Draken in order to prevent the Tokyo Manji Gang from becoming evil and then killing Hinata. The two shake hands and Takemichi is off on his way to the past, though he’s in for a surprise when he wakes up twelve years ago. When Takemichi awakens, he finds a random woman – half-naked – in bed with him. A woman that is not Hinata, mind you. He takes off running as soon as he realizes what’s happening, and starts freaking out about what Hina would do if she found out. Right on cue, Hina approaches from behind as she wonders what Takemichi is freaking out about. As he stumbles with his words, he gets a call from Draken telling him to meet the gang at Musashi Shrine.

Meet the Gang

When they arrive at the location, they find that no one else is there, which leads Hinata to believe that they’re a the wrong place. Eventually, an entire line of bikers shows up and a couple of them threaten Takemichi, until another one points out that he is Mikey’s guest. The meeting was called in order to determine whether the Tokyo Manji Gang will fight Moebius, a rival gang. The reason that they might fight this rival gang is because they antagonized a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang named Pah, and his friend was beaten, his girlfriend was sexually assaulted, they took his money and then beat up his parents and siblings later. Mikey asks Pah if he wants to fight Moebius, to which Pah eventually does tell him that he wants to kill all of them. After the meeting, Takemichi is determined to become Draken’s bodyguard in order to protect him from being killed in this incident between Moebius and the Tokyo Manji Gang. Draken says no, but Takemichi won’t take no for an answer, so he decides to just follow Draken and Mikey everywhere they go; this ends up leading to Takemichi following the two to a hospital, where Draken forces Mikey to visit Pah’s girlfriend who has been unconscious for five days. Her parents show up and the father begins to berate the two for what they did to his daughter, even though neither of them were responsible, Draken forces Mikey to bow down and keep his mouth shut in order to show some respect to Pah’s girlfriend’s parents. Takemichi realizes after this encounter that Draken is Mikey’s heart and once Draken died, Mikey couldn’t see “nice” in the world anymore, because Draken was Mikey’s heart.

Overall, I thought Tokyo Revengers episode 5 ‘Releap’ was great, and gave even more depth to not only Mikey, but especially Draken. After this episode, my entire perception of Draken as a character has changed, and he’s quickly becoming my favorite in the series, so I hope that Takemichi is able to save him.

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