10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tom Burke

Finding longevity as an actor isn’t an easy thing to do. Only a very small number of actors are actually able to have career that last for decades. Tom Burke has managed to find himself among them. He has been acting professionally for more than 20 years. He made his on screen debut in 1999 in an episode of Dangerfield. Since then, he has gone on to earn bigger and bigger roles. Most of his roles have been in UK based productions, but he has still become well-known and well-respected in places all over the world. He is best-known for playing Cormoran Strike in the Cinemax series, C.B. Strike. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Tom Burke.

1. He Was Born With A Cleft Lip

Tom Burke’s fans may notice that he has a light scar on his upper lip. What they may not know, however, is that he was actually born with a cleft lip. According to WebMD, a cleft lip occurs when the two sides of the upper lip are separated. Tom underwent surgery when he was a baby to close the opening in his lip.

2. Alan Rickman Is His Godfather

Tom Burke grew up surrounded by talented and successful actors. His god father was the legendary Alan Rickman who many know from his role as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. Tom’s parents David Burke and Anna Calder-Marshall, are also actors.

3. He Is A Lonesome Dove Fan

Even though Tom was born and raised in England, he apparently has lots of love for the cowboy culture of the western United States. In a video on BAFTA Guru’s YouTube channel, Tom said that if he was stuck on a desert island, he would bring a box set of the 1989 mini series, Lonesome Dove.

4. He Studied At Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Over the years, Tom has dedicated lots of energy to his craft. He is a formally trained actor who attended the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). The school boasts a very long list of successful entertainers including James Norton, Clive Owen, and Tom’s god father, Alan Rickman.

5. He Is Very Private

Tom has spent all of his adult life in the entertainment industry, but he has never bought into the oversharing that tends to come with celebrity culture. Instead, he has chosen to keep his personal life out of the public eye. He also doesn’t have any social media accounts which helps him avoid even more nosiness.

6. He Has Dyslexia

During his time in school, Tom always struggled academically. He said, “When I first started school, I remember looking at a blackboard and it just seemed to be covered in writing. I was supposed to be copying what was on it, but I couldn’t separate it into words. I just filled my page with random letters and numbers.” Eventually, he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

7. He Hopes That Toxic Culture On Sets Comes To And End

From the outside looking in, the entertainment industry looks beautiful and bright, however, in reality there are many times when that isn’t the case. During an interview, Tom discussed how ‘abusive’ the culture of some sets can be, and he hopes this is something that changes. He told Independent, “there’s still that myth around, that directors can be mean and horrible…”

8. He Is Passionate About Women’s Rights

Throughout his career, Tom has been involved with several charity organizations. He is especially passionate about women’s rights and is currently an ambassador for an organization called Women to Women UK which helps women in places all over the world.

9. He Finds The Swedish Accent The Most Difficult To Do

Tom has had to do lots of different accents over the course of his career. His ability to do this is one of the things that make him a great option for all sorts of different roles. With that being said, however, mastering different accents isn’t always easy. In his video with BAFTA Guru he revealed that the Swedish accent is the hardest one for him.

10. He Has Lots Of Theater Experience

On screen work tends to be a better option for most actors from a financial stand point, but many of them feel that nothing compares to theater. Unfortunately though, many actors don’t have the time to balance an on screen career with consistent stage work. Somehow Tom has managed to do both. He has appeared in many plays throughout the years with the most recent being the 2019 production of Rosmersholm.

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