Tom Cruise For President Parody Video: Why Not?

Tom Cruise for President

This would be an absolute and utter train wreck it seems, but the parody is actually kind of funny. Thinking about what Tom Cruise would be like as president almost makes one think that Trump might need to stay in for another term, but of course a lot of people would love that. It’d be interesting in the most macabre sort of way to see that big, toothy smile every time the POTUS had to address the nation, and it’d be easy to wonder just what kind of shape our country would be in after four years of the aging Maverick being in office. The parody is enough to make you think that in a world where there are really no punches being pulled, political, karmic, or otherwise, Cruise would be the kind of guy that might reach office and then forget what he was doing, right up until it was time to go meet with a foreign dignitary or address the nation. It seems fair to say that he would be quickly overwhelmed since no matter how much he’s done in his career Cruise is not a politician, never has been and likely never will be, so thank goodness for satire.

But there is a certain Trump-esque feeling to the clip since he feels the need to rattle off his accomplishments and why they make him worthy of taking office, even though much like Trump a lot of his success does seem to come in the form of his ego and how high it’s been built. One wonders if Scientology would gain a push if he was to ever become POTUS, or if our problems with other countries would be solved by one man and a small team of his choosing in order to keep things quiet. Hey, maybe in the event of an alien invasion we’d be saved, after some collateral damage, wink wink, by someone that has about as much knowledge of extraterrestrial life as the average auto mechanic. It’s a lot of fun to play with this because for one thing, it’s not likely to ever happen, and two, it’s seriously the kind of fever dream that someone would have to be high or sleep-deprived to come up with. Tom Cruise as any type of leader makes no sense honestly since the guy is a great actor and has been a great action star, but thinking of him as anything other than this in front of the public is kind of, well, a bit difficult.

Throughout his long career Cruise has done a lot of things and played the roles of a lot of different people, enough that he’s actually kind of been the everyman that the actor speaks about in the video, but if you’re thinking that he’s held onto even half of what he’s done over his career then you’ve been convinced that he’s flown a fighter jet, saved the world, and even been a top-level sports agent for several top athletes. That’s quite a resume to be honest, one that might even make even the most jaded interviewer widen their eyes. But if one person could absorb and retain everything that they’d learned over the years you might think that their head would explode or that they might be one of the most skilled, intelligent people in the world. Honestly Cruise has likely held onto at least some of the knowledge that he’s acquired throughout the years, so it’s safe to think that he might know some things, but politics don’t seem to be one of them.

As I said, satire is the best use for this video since it should be making you laugh at least a third if not half of the way through. Cruise does sound kind like Trump when he speaks about his prowess, or rather, the actor playing Cruise sounds that way. The real Tom Cruise, well, there are times when he sounds like this, but it’s usually safe to say that he doesn’t toot his own horn quite as much. It’s true that he’s done a lot in his career, a whole lot in fact, so much that you can’t really just sit and think of all his movies in a minute or less unless you’re a living encyclopedia when it comes to movie knowledge. But one feature that will likely never come up is Tom Cruise: POTUS. Now some people are likely okay with that and will be for as long as it remains an impossibility, but do remember that we have a former reality TV star in the oval office as of now, so ‘never’ might be premature. One can only hope that it’s a rock solid idea, but at the same time, don’t ever count a person out until the final vote. We’ve already seen what happens in that kind of situation.

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