Tonight on Brothers & Sisters: Season Finale Sneak Peeks & Photos

Brothers & Sisters Season FinaleThe season finale of Brothers & Sisters will be airing tonight on ABC. Luc and Sarah’s wedding date approaches, but naturally things go awry and their perfect wedding is threatened by some interruptions. A surprise guest craches the party and shakes things up for the Walker family. But, in the end, they learn a few lessons about the true meaning of family.

Guest stars for tonight’s season finale of Brothers & Sisters include: Balthazar Getty as Thomas Walker, Kerris Lilla Dorsey as Paige Whedon, Maxwell Perry Cotton as Cooper Whedon, Mark Ricks as Evan McCallister, Marika Dominczyk as Tyler Altamirano, Richard Chamberlain as Jonathan Byrold, Isabella Rae Thomas as Olivia, Ryan Devlin as Seth, Beau Bridges as Nick Brody, Sonia Braga as Gabriela Laurent, Trieste Kelly Dunn as Lori Lynn, Bradley White as the Minister and Garrett Backstrom as Andrew.

Below are six sneak peeks and promo photos for the season finale. There’s still no word on whether Brothers & Sisters has been renewed for another season, but we should be hearing more at the network’s Upfronts presentation later this month.

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