Tonight on Chuck: Series Finale Sneak Peeks

chuckAs all Chuck fans I’m sure are aware tonight is the 2-hour series finale of the spy caper and last week’s episode left Team Bartowski in a major predicament. New villain Quinn (Angus Macfadyen) separated Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) in spectacular fashion; by erasing Chuck from Sarah’s memory. He followed this up by pretending that he is Sarah’s handler and gave her orders to kill Chuck (for our review head here). Warning spoilers ahead.

The first episode tonight is called “Chuck vs. Sarah” and sees Sarah returning home to Chuck but acting strange. This is thanks to Quinn ‘Eternal Sunshining‘ her and giving her this new mission, though the first sneak peek below would suggest that Sarah does not respond well to Quinn’s orders and is deeply suspicious of him. Will Chuck be able to remind his wife of their life together?

The amnesia plot device is one that has been used many times before and can often seem like a contrivance, but because Chuck often uses common plots from both spy and action escapades and then adds a Bartowski twist, I’m on board with this trope being used in this way for the finale. It also means that there will be the opportunity to have call backs to not just the pilot episode but the entire 5 season run so be on the lookout for multiple references.

“Chuck vs. the Goodbye” is the second installment tonight and will see Chuck calling on his family and friends (and some unexpected allies) to bring down Quinn, who is looking to destroy everything that Chuck has built over the past five years. One person that will be helping is Mary Bartowski (guest star Linda Hamilton) but who else from Chuck’s past would you like to appear tonight? The two characters I would love to see in the finale are both dead; a big obstacle to overcome but if either Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer) or Stephen Bartowski (Scott Bakula) appear I will be very happy.

Both sneak peeks are spoilery and can be seen below. Let us know what you would like to see happen in the finale in the comments section.

Also be sure to check out our celebration of five years of great music on Chuck here and interviews with the cast here.

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