Tonight on Criminal Minds: Tension Rises Between Hotch and Morgan

Tonight’s Criminal Minds sees the BAU team investigating what appears to be an apparent mass suicide at a military academy, but could foul play be involved? On the personal front there is a clash between Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and Morgan (Shemar Moore), when one of the team could be in danger.

When a small group of youths are discovered hanging at a military academy a suicide pact is considered to be the possible cause, but when the BAU team investigate a little further they discover it could be the work of a ‘budding psychopath.’ They find a world of an honor code and system that has these young men treating each other as family, but it would appear that someone has not been living by that code. Look out for Strauss (Jayne Atkinson) who will be returning tonight and Emmy award nominated actor René Auberjonois (Boston Legal, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) who guest stars as the headmaster of the military academy.

The last episode focused on Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and the big personal story of tonight’s episode is the clash between Hotch and Morgan, a disagreement that has been brewing since Prentiss (Paget Brewster) returned and the team discovered that Hotch had been instrumental in the faking of her death. At the start of the season executive producer Erica Messer said that this story arc “changes those who had to keep the secret, and it changes those who feel betrayed by that secret. And I want to play to that for the rest of the series, to be honest.” It has been a smart move to make these resentments subtle and not the focus on a weekly basis and Thomas Gibson spoke to Entertainment Weekly about this clash between Hotch and Morgan this week saying:

“It’s still not sitting right with Morgan. There’s still a little ways to go for Morgan and Hotch to clean the deck. I don’t think Hotch thought it was going to go away and Morgan knew it wasn’t going to go away. But there’s a process and we’re still in the middle of it. I hope we can move past it.”

It is unclear which of the team is in jeopardy but I am glad that this tension between Hotch and Morgan hasn’t gone away overnight and that a heightened situation will be bringing up this unresolved issue.

Watch a promo for tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds below.


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