Tonight on Suits – The Choice

We didn’t learn much about the named senior partners of Pearson Hardman during the first year, and we certainly didn’t know much about Daniel Hardman. We do now.

In the middle of what could have been the worst day of Mike Ross’ life, Mrs. Hardman had the courtesy to die after her struggle with cancer, in effect taking the shining spotlight off of Mike and his horrible secret and shining it directly onto the firm and Jessica, in particular.

It seems Hardman left the firm after embezzling money and treating his fellow associates and employees like a load of hot crap. Nobody expected him to ever come back, but they also didn’t expect the profound changes an individual can go through while watching a loved one suffer and die before their very eyes. Daniel Hardman proclaimed himself a changed man, capable of not only owning up to his mistakes and making up for them, but bringing the firm to a whole new level based upon his new understanding of the human condition.

We’re promised a big showdown in the Pearson Hardman. Lines will be drawn and associates will fall on Team Pearson or Team Hardman. I feel pretty good with Team Pearson consisting of Harvey, Mike, Donna, and Rachel. They’re gimmes at this point. The real wild card here is Louis Litt. Louis adores Jessica, there is no denying that. He also wants desperately to be made senior partner. He’s insanely jealous of Harvey and of the unique bond Harvey and Mike share.

If he stays on Team Pearson, he would have a better chance of getting into that inner circle, and perhaps finding his way to the juicy spot of Jessica’s affections and a path to senior partner. His other option is jumping to Team Hardman. From that level, he could do some serious damage to the partnership of Harvey and Mike as the team lead of all first year associates. Mike, while working with Harvey, works for Louis. Mike’s position in the firm and his secret would be in a perilous position if he had to effectively juggle loyalties to two warring factions.

Let’s make it clear, if Louis chooses Hardman over Jessica, he’ll be declaring war. Jessica would be vulnerable to all of the things she’s shared with Louis while Hardman was gone going straight to the man vying to take over as managing partner. Does Louis want to be senior partner so badly that he’ll cut ties with the very people he’s been desperately trying to engage over the years? He doesn’t know what to do, but he could go either way.

We’ll have to watch tonight to find out. It’s a great direction for the season to go, gives Mike a false sense of security while the company spins out of control for a bit and realigns characters into new and exciting allegiances. I can’t wait to see Jessica and Harvey fight to keep her in the managing partner position against a man who has had his entire world turned upside down. To what lengths will Team Hardman go to gain control? Tune in tonight at 10/9c on USA Network to see the games begin.

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