Tonight on Enlightened: Comrades Unite!

Enlightened Comrades UniteThe entire run of Enlightened thus far, Amy has spent her time alternating between drawing sympathy from her co-workers and annoying the hell out of them with her brand of new age-y activism. Try as she might, our heroine can’t seem to raise the excitement level at Abaddon (which means “a place of destruction”) any higher than a “meh” and has went out of her way to talk about her new beliefs with anyone that will listen. It’s that type of determination and guile that has kept her employed this far, seeing as how the execs wanted rid of her, but it comes at a price.

In “Comrades Unite!”, potentially the third exemplary episode of Enlightened in a row, Amy finally has to pay the piper for her proselytizing, as she’s been reported to HR for personality clashes in her department. The last episode of the show saw Dougie inappropriately touch Amy at the club and it seemed inevitable for him to make a play like this; the two had been clashing lately, with Amy’s low productivity and constant tardiness, and perhaps this was the kick in Dougie’s butt that gets him to move Amy from Cogentiva.

The saddest thing is that Tyler, Amy’s one real friend, won’t speak up for her; Amy may be losing both her job and her sense of connection to other people all due to Dougie’s douchiness.

She won’t take this lying down, of course; if we’ve learned anything from the first seven episodes of Enlightened, it’s that Amy’s treatment gave her backbone and a lot of courage, even if she sometimes misuses both. She goes to Krista to see about getting new placement in the company, but that’ll have to go through Damon, who has all but told Amy that he wants her to leave the company.

Amy Jellicoe has accomplished some amazing things in her time since treatment, but she may have met her match in the one thing she used to love: corporate America.

Enlightened airs Monday nights at 9:30 on HBO, following Bored to Death.


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