The Top 5 Uses of Rod Stewart Songs in Movies and TV

To say Rod Stewart had a successful career is something of an understatement. If you were to go to his IMDb page, as I did, then you would see that he has a long, long list of credits that likely don’t even include every last appearance and contribution he’s made to the music industry, as well as the film industry. While I couldn’t find all the clips I needed to demonstrate his songs I have listened to man long enough to pick up an idea of just where the songs have appeared and can recite them readily. Let’s just say that he’s been an inspiration to so many that trying to ignore anything he’s done at this point seems a little rude, not to mention nearly impossible. Rod Stewart has been around long enough and done more than his fair share in the industry, it’s only right that he be considered one of the very best.

Here are just a few movies and TV spots in which Rod Stewart music has been featured.

5. Wedding Crashers – Stay With Me

Near the very end of the movie, just before the credits, when the foursome, two married, two reunited, are on their way to an unknown destination, it’s suggested by the driver, Vince Vaughn, that there is another wedding taking place just down the road. When Owen Wilson tries to beg off his newly reunited love interest, Rachel McAdams, decides to chime in with a quick back story as she seems to heartily agree with the idea of crashing a wedding. And so the tale goes.

4. Lords of Dogtown – Maggie May

Skip is such an awesome character because he’s so laid back. He doesn’t ask for much from life and in turn he takes what he can get. It doesn’t take much to inspire him and as a result he can give that much more back. Skip is all about the feeling of it, the feel and the rhythm. By the end of the movie he’s lost pretty much everything he was going for, but he still gets to do what he loves.

3. Ceelo & Friends Holiday Special – Merry Christmas Baby

You don’t see Rod Stewart as much as you used to but when he does come on out he can still put on one heck of a good show. Ceelo is an awesome performer as well and no doubt has a lot of appreciation for friends and associates in the music industry that have helped him along the way. To say that Rod Stewart would be counted as an influence to many musicians would be accurate.

2. The Three Musketeers (with Bryan Adams and Sting) -All for Love

This song was an instant hit once it came out. Being attached to the movie The Three Musketeers didn’t hurt it much either. The ideals and the passion that both the movie and the song exhibited was enough to inspire many people throughout it’s run, and it’s still considered one of the better songs of the past few decades to this day.

1. Lip Sync Battle – Do You Think I’m Sexy?

From being a relative unknown during his American Pie days to this present time John Cho has certainly come a long way. He even gets to sing and dance with Ben Kingsley as he lip syncs to Rod Stewart. How many people in the world can say that?

So yes, Rod Stewart doesn’t make as many appearances as he used to. But really, what has he got left to prove?


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