The Top Five Dwayne Johnson Fight Scenes in Movies

He’s not called The Rock for no reason. The famed Brahma Bull, the People’s Champion, and the most electrifying man in sports entertainment made the jump from the WWE to Hollywood pretty easily since he had the charisma, the poise, and the ability to get the people on his side with pretty much anything he did. His legend has already been written and yet he still keeps going, letting us know that as good as he can be, he can always get better somehow. Dwayne Johnson, he doesn’t go by The Rock all that often any longer, has proven that he’s an awesome action star and can hang with pretty much anyone he’s put in the mix with. It’d be interesting to see him with a few others that are considered top box office contenders, but it would have to be more of a mentor to student kind of thing it would seem.

It’s all about knowing your role after all.

5. Hobbs vs. Dom-Fast Five

Hobbs is dedicated and most definitely tough, but Dom is fiercely protective of his family and doesn’t go down easy. These two titans lay it all out and absolutely punish each other as they break down walls, literally, and take enough heavy hits to put a pro boxer out for the count. In the end though it’s Dom that comes out on top since Hobbs doesn’t really know who he’s dealing with.

4. Hobbs vs. Deckard-Furious 7

Hobbs has proven that he can bang with the big boys and still walk away, but this is a different fight altogether. This isn’t so much a street fight as it is a death match, and Shaw isn’t the humongous beefcake but he still knows how to hit and how to fight. What’s cool about this scene is that we get to see a bit of old school when Hobbs takes Deckard down with a Rock Bottom.

3. Beck vs. Ernie Reyes-The Rundown

This whole movie is just awesome. Beck is a ‘retrieval expert’, basically someone that goes and finds people when they need to be found, whereupon he transports them back to whomever it is that wants to see them. This time however he runs afoul of not just a corrupt mining boss, but a few rebels that know how to throw hands and other things when it’s necessary.

2. Sarge vs. Reaper-Doom

Looking at almost anyone and Dwayne Johnson you wouldn’t think that it would be a fair fight, but Karl Urban toughs it out and takes on the Sarge after he’s been bitten and is already starting to change. Reaper has also changed, but for the better thankfully as his newly supercharged system allows him to fend off Sarge and send him screaming back to Mars only a few seconds ahead an explosive surprise.

1. Roadblock vs. Firefly-G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Payback is sweet sometimes, especially when it comes in the form of taking down an enemy that used to belong to your team. Roadblock in the cartoon was just flat out tough, but he didn’t seem to know half of the moves that Roadblock in the movie does. You can say what you want about the film, it wasn’t that great, but the fighting scenes were pretty cool.

Can you smell what he’s cookin’?

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