Our Top Five Favorite Fictional Cyclists in Movies

Unless you’re an enthusiast or you pay attention to news about Lance Armstrong it’s reasonable to assume that you don’t watch or listen to much about bicycling. It’s kind of understandable since it is one of those sports that is an acquired taste and doesn’t cater to everyone. The sport is in fact quite difficult however and not for the faint of heart. The toll it takes on the body can be extreme, and the demands it makes of its athletes can sometimes be far too much. But the feel you get when winning seems to take that all away.

Here are just a few cyclists that appear in movies and have gained a good amount of attention over the years.

5. Marcus Sommers – American Flyers

This shows just how competitive the world of cycling can be and how dangerous it can get. The two brothers in the film are fierce and devoted cyclists that live for the race and the opportunity to show what they can do. Marcus however is so dedicated that he would gladly risk and even spend his life to reach for that next win. His brother is just as dedicated, but Marcus is the one that would seriously risk it all for the thrill.

4. Cru Jones – RAD

Remember when BMX was still coming up as a sport? It wasn’t given as much respect as it deserved despite the fact that it was extremely difficult and harder on the body than several other sports. Individuals like Cru were those that saw the sport as a chance to break out and become the next star while showing people what it really took to go to the extreme and get yourself noticed.

3. Graeme Obree – The Flying Scotsman

Sometimes you need to find your passion to find your path. Based upon a true story this movie shows the commitment and the struggle that one man took to reach his dreams and defy convention every step of the way. In terms of denying the application of rules that are designed to stymie creativity and imagination it is sometimes necessary to go beyond what is known and defy what is considered the norm. That’s how winning is done.

2. Dave Stohler – Breaking Away

When you’re growing up it pays to be a little immature sometimes. If you let life bring you to the crossroads of adulthood too fast you might miss out, and wouldn’t that be a terrible sin against adolescence. This movie shows that despite the need to grow up there’s still an equal need to enjoy the life you still have and live it to fullest while chasing your dreams. Go after that wild and crazy moment you’re craving and don’t stop until you reach it.

1. Wilee – Premium Rush

Wilee isn’t a racer, but he’s definitely a cyclist. As a courier he’s one of the top cyclist’s in the city of New York, where one has to be fast, nimble, agile, and sometimes just lucky enough to not get squashed like a bug. Following the rules and the conventional style of life is not always in the cards for a courier that lives off of how fast they can deliver each parcel. This is life in the fast lane, and here brakes are definitely optional.

Cyclists in any walk of life are often seen as dreamers and even rebels in many ways. Perhaps that’s for the best, it doesn’t pay to be too serious when you’re constantly chasing a dream.


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