Our Top Five Favorite Truckers in Movies

No matter if they’re men or women, truckers are considered to be either big, tough, and slightly rough around the edges. Even if they’re not all of those qualities they usually possess at least one or two. Look at it this way, they’re on the road for insanely long stretches of time, are more used to dealing with traffic than a New York cabbie, and are known for sleeping in the same vehicle that they used to make a living. It’s not an antisocial life by any means, but it’s bound to make a person a little bit detached at times.

It takes a unique kind of individual to be a trucker. Here are a few that seem to prove this theory.

5. Large Marge – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Getting a lift from a trucker while hitchhiking doesn’t seem too bad, but when she turns to you and her face suddenly looks like something scraped off the side of the road there might a moment of doubt. Large Marge wasn’t intent on harming anyone it seemed, she just felt the need to keep driving the same highway, over and over, as though her spirit had yet to find its rest.

4. Bobby Ciaro – Hoffa

Bobby started as truck driver until he lost his job thanks to Jimmy Hoffa and his attempts to unionize the workers. Once it was even suspected that Bobby might have union sympathies he was canned without a second thought. It’s pretty normal that he jumped Hoffa for causing him to lose his job, but going after him with a knife seems like a poorly thought out plan when Hoffa’s associate has a gun.

3. Rusty Nail – Joy Ride

Don’t mess around with truckers. Even those you find that aren’t homicidal killers, and there are a lot of them, don’t feel the need to buy a CB and start talking like some inbred hick just to impress a trucker. And definitely don’t go fishing on the airwaves for someone that could possibly take offense to your little joke. Long haul truckers can be transient folks and not need the luxury of having a home base to be tracked back to. Just remember that.

2. Lincoln Hawk – Over the Top


This guy is just the epitome of what it means to be cool under pressure. He doesn’t ever seem to get riled no matter what happens. His son hates him and then loves him, he’s under pressure from his former father-in-law to give up custody of his son, and he’s about to enter a contest that could change his life if he can only get through every last person on the roster, including the one man that would gladly break him in half.

1. Jack Burton – Big Trouble in Little China

It’s all in the reflexes. Jack Burton is the kind of guy you want as your friend, but at a distance. He’s arrogant, brash, and likes to talk a good game, but when things start going down and he doesn’t know what to do chances are he’ll still be up for a fight, but will be as lost as lost can get. Aside from all that he’s the kind of person that anyone would feel good about having on their side, at least until he opens his mouth.

Needless to say, truckers are interesting people.


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