The Top Five Jackie Chan Fight Scenes in Movie History

Any time you hear the name Jackie Chan you tend to think of some of his best fights in cinema and looking them up on YouTube. Go on and admit it, it’s okay. The guy’s only a legend after all when it comes to fight scenes. In fact “Jackie Chan fight scenes” is almost it’s own little subculture in the annals of martial arts if you want to be serious about it. He’s done so much in terms of martial arts movies that he should be immortalized by now considering all that he’s put himself through in the pursuit of creating quality entertainment. His style is so seemingly unorthodox at times that it almost looks as though he’s making things up as he goes, but in truth everything is planned right down to the last movement. After all he might do his own stunts but that doesn’t mean he WANTS to get hurt.

He just makes it look so easy, despite the fact that it’s not.

5. Rumble in the Bronx-Hideout scene

There’s a fair bit of camp in this scene but it still works out as a great fight between Jackie and the thugs that have been bothering the neighborhood for way too long. Jackie Chan is usually the guy, well, almost always the guy that strolls in looking to make things right. He can be a nice guy up until you push him a little to ofar and then it beocmes every man for themselves.

4. First Strike-Chairs and Ladders scene

It says ‘Chairs and Ladders’ but quite honestly there is a lot more used in this fight and the items mentioned only get used after everything else has been brought into the fray. But when you have a room full of implements that can be used at your discretion in a fight then Jackie Chan is the kind of guy that won’t shy away at taking any advantage he can get since it usually winds up being him against a group of guys.

3. Shanghai Noon-Indian Fight

He’s the perfect improvisational fighter really. It’s great enough when he uses his surroundings in an enclosed space with plenty of odd tools here and there, but when he can do it in nature it’s even better. A fight with wild Native Americans probably wouldn’t go this way, but it’s entertaining all the same to watch them go hand to hand as Jackie uses the terrain to help himself.

2. The Forbidden Kingdom-Temple scene

Ah, now this was a treat. Jackie vs. Jet, the serious and technical martial artist versus the improv master. Right from the get-go you’ll notice that their attitudes are completely different. Whether that’s because of their roles or just who they are it would seem that Jet Lee is all about efficiency and speed whereas Jackie Chan is more about power and fluidity. It’s a great fight the whole way around.

1. Legend of Drunken Master-Factory scene

Here’s where plausibility gets stretched to the max, but in one of the best ways. If his character in the movie was really getting hit as hard as it looks like there’s no way he’d be walking away from this kind of damage so easily. But despite that irritating fact the fight choreography is great, and the ingestion of fuel to take advantage of its alcohol content is just classic.

He’s definitely one of the greatest martial artists to watch on film.

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