The Top Five Martial Arts Movie Villains of All-Time

So yes, there is a picture of Chong Li up at the top, but let me explain why he’s not on this list. He’s too easy a pick. There have been so many martial arts villains on film that picking from the lot is kind of tough. Don’t worry about it, Bolo is still there, but not as Chong Li. Believe it or not Chong Li is more of a prize fighter and despite being dangerous he didn’t normally get deadly until he got seriously annoyed with someone. Those on the list are the type that would gladly kill someone for no better reason than because they were told to. So sit back and let’s examine just who’s able to go megaton at the drop of a hat.

Seriously, Bolo is great, but he’s not crazy-great.

5. Bolo – Enter The Dragon

I told you he made the list and here he is. In this film he’s not the prize-fighting champ that he played in Bloodsport, but he is an enforcer that seems to like hurting people. I mean come on, the guy is practically smiling as he’s snapping necks and literally crushing a man to death against his chest. At least the guys getting their necks snapped were over and done with fairly quick, the guy getting crushed had to have been feeling every little gasp of air as it was forced from his body. Yikes.

4. The Three Storms – Big Trouble In Little China

These guys are nearly indestructible unless you’re a god or are jacked up on magic juice as they were in the final battle. It might have been interesting to see Jack Burton take on Thunder on his own, but I kinda think that Storm still would have ended him. Together these guys just go to town and wade through their enemies like a scythe through wheat, and anyone that can blow a little red ball across the room and make you feel like you’ve been socked by Mike Tyson deserves a little respect.

3. Colt – Return of The Dragon

Give Chuck Norris a lot of credit, it’s not just everyone that got to smack Bruce Lee around in a film. Sure Lee took his licks now and again on screen, but this looked like a genuine grudge match despite the fact that they did get along. Plus, for fans of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris it was kind of a fun match to watch. There was no give in either man and Colt was ready to die, which he did, before giving up. That’s old school tough there.

2. Gogo Yubari – Kill Bill Vol. 1

Little girl in schoolgirl outfit and a heavy ball attached to a chain. Hmm, something just screams danger here, and Gogo doesn’t let that perception go to waste as she takes on Black Mamba without hesitation. She even goes so far to mock her before the two of them get into it. Unfortunately poor Gogo should have learned not to play with her enemies and just go straight for the kill. Despite this she was one of the craziest and deadliest martial artists as of late.

1. Mad Dog – Raid: Redemption

Megaton is this guy’s starting point. Oh yeah, he doesn’t seem to have an off switch as he goes right into combat and doesn’t bother to let up as he gets even worse as the fight continues. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the ground, on his feet, or even on his knees, he’s going to keep hitting you and hitting you from whatever angle he can get. Thankfully it is still possible to hurt and even kill him, but even then you better do it quick or he’ll keep going. You’ve got to think that if Mad Dog had been going for the kill when he could these two wouldn’t have made it out of there alive.

There are quite literally hundreds of martial arts villains to choose from. I simply took the five craziest and most vicious I could think of. So if you know a few others that should have made the list please let me know.


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