Our Top Five Mary Steenburgen Movies of Her Career

Mary Steenburgen is the actor you see but don’t see a lot of in quite a few movies. That might not make any sense considering that she’s firmly set in a lot of the movie’s she’s been in, but really while her roles are generally right out in the open she tends to be overshadowed at times by the mere fact that she’s a supporting actor or because the other stars in the film carry that much of a presence. Honestly you can see her, hear her, but your attention tends to go to the other individuals in the movie even if she’s standing front and center. Thankfully she has the kind of presence that can pull the scene back to her side without much effort since she does have enough of a commanding presence when she speaks to make it so. But when she doesn’t speak she tends to get overlooked a time or two.

It’s almost as though she’s learned to do that at will.

5. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

You might ask what it takes for a wife to cheat on her husband, someone that can provide for them, live with them, and help take of their kids, with a grocery clerk, but there are a LOT of reasons. Gilbert isn’t exactly innocent in all this but in the film she’s flat out in the wrong just as much as he is since she can’t seem to find any excuse to even stay with her husband let alone stay faithful.

4. The Proposal

She has a rather unenviable role in this film of being the good, caring mother that wants the best for her son but can’t seem to find a way to make her husband and their child reconcile in any way, shape, or form. It’s only when Betty White, who plays the very unique grandmother figure, fakes a heart attack that the family finally seems to come together and realize what’s really important.

3. The Help


She could be viewed as the slick-talking city publisher that just wants a good story and doesn’t care how it comes upon her desk but in reality while she is more driven by the need to have something she can sell she’s also one of the reasons why it gets done. Skeeter wouldn’t have kept pushing if she didn’t have at least some encouragement and even a silent challenge laid in front of her to get the book written.

2. Parenthood

If you’re a parent, have ever been a parent, or are planning on being a parent this is a show that you absolutely need to watch. It might not be entirely realistic when it goes into what it’s like to have kids and a family but it does offer a few interesting viewpoints that you might want to pay attention to. Remember, families are a lot of work, period.

1. Step Brothers

She tends to be in a lot of movies in which she’s either the mother or part of the family, but in this one she’s just way too much of an enabler. If your kid is in their forties and still acting like a teenager it’s time to cut the cord and kick them to the curb in the nicest way possible.

She’s played so many solid roles it’s hard to know which one to like the best.

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