The Top Five Matthew Fox Crying Scenes from “Lost”

Matthew Fox seems to cry at least a few times on Lost. Granted there’s probably a good reason since being stranded on an island that seems to be out in the middle of nowhere with only a few other people and no reasonable expectation of rescue doesn’t help. But the show also delves into the supernatural as well as scifi so there are those issues to contend with as well. The show tends to use flashbacks, scenes from future events, and encompasses a very wide base of the unnatural that fuels the program after a while. It seems to get a little confusing after a while and really needs to be followed closely in favor of not getting lost somewhere in the middle and having to guess at what’s going on. A lot of people have done that it would seem and haven’t enjoyed being left in the dark.

One thing you know though, eventually Jack is going to cry.

5. Don’t cry 

Men can cry and not be sissies, though if men cry all the time then there’s nothing else to say but that they’re kind of over-sensitive. Honestly I’d think anyone is a tad bit too sensitive if they cry at any given moment. Jack doesn’t do this obviously but the mere fact that a lot of his crying scenes are in this one show says a lot. He has emotional issues now and again.

4. Mourning

Mourning lost friends is understandably a time to shed a few tears. Those that meant something to you in life are worth the tears no matter who they were when alive. It’s the emotional response that comes from losing a person that had value to you even if they didn’t seem to have value to anyone else. The emotional bond that forms is something that’s hard to weather when it breaks.

3. Fix you

If you couldn’t tell by now I haven’t watched this show any more than the clips you see here. It just didn’t seem my speed though never once did I condemn anyone else for watching it. Something about Lost just didn’t strike me as it should have to make it really interesting for my tastes. But obviously it was a hit with a great many other people so I can’t argue with its popularity.

2. Last chapter

Wandering around an island figuring out ways to stay alive and to stay on the good side of the Others couldn’t have been an easy proposition for so long. I have to wonder why Lost went on so long however since the story line seemed to stall a few times before the writers finally discovered ways to do things that people hadn’t seen in a while.

1. I had her, and I lost her.

He isn’t quite crying but he’s close. Losing a love that means something in your life is worse than losing a friend in many ways. Friends come and go, that’s a way of life, but the ones that you let into your heart and want to share your life with are extremely hard to let go.

Lost must have been one heck of a show.

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