The Top Five Movie Scenes with Orchestra Conductors

Music conductors in movies are sometimes taken for granted and seen as little more than another part of the whole that isn’t really necessary. But put yourself in the place of a member of the orchestra and ask yourself if you would be able to learn your cues all on your own. They aren’t just up there to wave a wand-like stick at the orchestra when they feel like it. They’re there to indicate when various parts of the orchestra are to perform, what kind of tempo is needed, and when all is said and done conductors are there to help the people they’re guiding to know just when to let go and let the music flow.

They’re teachers as well as leaders, but they expect more than skill, they expect everything a musician can give, and then some.

5. Mr. Holland’s Opus

Mr. Holland was all about the music. He believed in the music and what he taught so much that he devoted his entire life to making sure that the kids that studied under him understood just what it was that music could do and how it could affect their lives in a positive manner. That’s the kind of teacher that people should be learning from and in some cases they are the only ones that make school worth the effort.

4. The Addams Family

I don’t know the name of the conductor in this film but I had to add him just because it is an Addams film and because hey, look at those mutton chops. This guy is an Addams no doubt and he keeps the pace of the Mamushka going so well that no one misses a beat and one of the most awesome songs ever recorded on film got the chance to become a fond memory of a movie that many critics tore apart.

3. Amadeus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri have become widely known as two of the greatest musicians and conductors to ever work their craft into what would one day become known throughout the world as some of the most beautiful works ever. The only tarnish upon this legacy is that it is widely believed that Salieri was responsible for Mozart’s death in some way. Historians however would argue that they were at the very least respectful peers.

2. Leon: The Professional

Yes I understand that this shouldn’t really count but I couldn’t leave it out since Gary Oldman is doing some conducting of his own as he first drugs himself to the gills and then proceeds to use the shotgun as his pointer while making his explosive way through the apartment, blasting anything that moves and painting the bathroom red as the unwitting mother never even knew what hit her.

1. Whiplash

Trying to be the best means that eventually you’re going to wear yourself out and if you don’t, then a conductor like this might. J.K. Simmons put in one of his most brutal roles as he plays the band leader that won’t accept a ‘good job’ from his musicians. He wants perfection and nothing else.

They can be mean, they can be kind, but they will almost always demand the very best.


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