The Top Five Movies Eriq La Salle Had a Solid Role In

When it comes to solid roles in a movie Eriq La Salle hasn’t always been the biggest draw but he has been one of the faces you see around from time to time as someone you can’t stand or someone that’s just there and is up for debate as to how good his performance is. Honestly he’s convincing in what he does so it’s not as though he’s a bad actor. It’s just the fact that when he is cast he’s not usually the lead unless it’s something less than a blockbuster movie. He has a place in films, it’s just that place is usually somewhere near the middle to the back.

He plays his parts pretty well though.

5. Crazy as Hell

When entering a mental institution and attempting to wrest control in any form it’s usually best to understand just how it is that one person out of many can take that control and flip it on its end with very little motivation. There’s the feeling that you don’t go looking to change crazy unless you’re willing to take at least a little of it into yourself. In this case the good doctor barred the door but forgot that madness doesn’t use doors.

4. One Hour Photo

It’s unnerving really to think that some people that develop personal pictures might develop some sick fantasy with those that come to pick them up. What goes on in the heads of these individuals is hard to know since it’s not like we can get a snapshot of their memories and thoughts. But rest assured it seems to be a lot safer to simply develop photos at home if people like this work at the local photoshop.

3. Drop Squad

The Drop Squad is basically the bunch that’s called in when a person’s rhetoric is getting way out of line and they need to be seriously reprogrammed. The only trouble with this is that the reprogramming is pretty aggressive and can be damaging if it’s not done right. Of course those arguing against it would likely be seen as racist and all for the kind of racial stereotypes that pervade our society. It’s an interesting look at advertising honestly.

2. Logan

He got to play a down home kind of husband and father this time that was simply trying to protect his land and maintain his family’s sense of well-being. When Logan, Professor X, and Laura came into the picture he wasn’t quite expecting the trouble that they would bring with them, but he also wasn’t expecting the amount of help that Logan would provide either. It’s too bad that Logan is the reason he and his family lost their lives too though.

1. Coming to America

This is probably how a lot of folks from the 80’s remember La Salle, as the jerk character of Daryl from Coming to America. He was just flat out poser that knew how to look good and treat people like dirt. The funny thing about it though is that by the end of the film he got to move on to the younger sister after being thrown out by his former girlfriend.

He’s had solid roles, but they’ve usually been supportive.

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