The Top Five “Push Ups” Scenes in Movies

Push ups are one of the many exercises that are hard to screw up since really all it involves is getting yourself into position and pushing up from the ground. Of course you need to be able to actually push your weight up more than once to get any kind of benefit from it. There are a lot of variations to the push up, but a lot of movies will show the most basic form that a lot of people know and use. A couple of these clips go a little further with it by showing a couple of variations but as with any push up you go down, then push back up, and repeat.

It’s something you learn as an infant, in a way, so it’s kind of hard to forget.

5. In The Army Now

Pauly Shore is perhaps one of the last guys you want to have watching your back when you go to war but he kept things interesting in his time. This was perhaps one of the last movies he made that was honestly funny, since he kind of fell off the map after that point. I do believe this was when his brand of comedy was starting to wear thin and people were starting to look elsewhere.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Push ups can be used as a measure of how tough you are since in essence you’re holding up your body weight the entire time, which is why it’s a taxing exercise. The more you weigh the more you have to move up and down. Of course having a crazy man beating on you with a baton doesn’t help matters at all, especially when he starts hitting you for no apparent reason. I’d say Dean gets his payback in the end but seeing how this movie turns out it’s kind of a short-lived victory.

3. G.I. Jane

Women have not been included in the Navy SEALs for a long time, and only in recent history has it been seen to happen. Even so it’s more of a fantasy than a reality to think that women will be included en masse in the group since there is still a high measure of inequality within the Navy. Perhaps one of these days such a thing will no longer exist, but until then the reality is based solely in fiction. Women have tried, but so far they haven’t reached the same level as the men.

2. Coach Carter

Coach Carter isn’t messing around when he takes over. He’s the kind of coach that knows that there’s something to be gained by hard work and continuous reinforcement when it comes to his athletes. The only problem was the Richmond team had become used to losing and didn’t seem to want to change. It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t allow athletes to play based on grades and performance.

1. Rocky

Rocky is an inspiration to a lot of people, mostly those in Philadelphia as of now and for many years. The Italian Stallion became one of the most well-known fictional celebrities because of his never say die attitude and his refusal to quit when the odds were stacked against him.

If you’re going to do push ups start out slow, don’t follow after people in the movies.

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