The Top Five “Racing Down a Hill” Scenes in Movies

These are the movies in which you can feel the adrenaline, the rush, and the ride as the competitors go sailing down an icy slope or a car-choked street. Life and limb are constantly risked when going downhill for one simple reason, gravity doesn’t care if you glide or fall and tumble to complete stop. It will take you either way. While a race is typically seen to be between two or more people, it is also a race against time that allows people to thrive as they attempt to beat the clock, not just another person.

So let’s see who some of the greatest downhill daredevils are.

5. Airborne

Being uprooted from sunny California to wintry Ohio seems like it would be a massive culture shock. And it is. Mitchell has no idea how to get by in his new surroundings until he finally discovers that instead of fighting against the differences he should embrace them and learn how to bond with his surroundings.  The laid back, California attitude he brings to his life from that point helps him to acclimate and lead a much more fulfilling existence that he finds is a lot easier to handle.

4. Eddie the Eagle

It’s tough being told what you can’t do simply because you’re not the model of Olympian greatness according to someone else. That’s when you push forward and don’t bother with the naysayers no matter if they have authority or the power to keep you away from doing what you love. If they say nay, then go above them, if those people say no, then keep going. Go as far and talk as loud as you need to get the attention of someone that can actually do something for you. People will eventually listen.

3. Better Off Dead

Sometimes a race just comes down a stupid challenge laid down by someone that’s not really in their right mind when they do such a thing.  Thinking to get his ex back, Lane decides to challenge the best guy on the slopes to a downhill race that could very well kill him if he’s not careful. The ironic part is that up until that point he was looking for ways to end his life anyway and coming up short.

2. Cool Runnings

Take a bunch of guys that don’t know what they’re doing and a coach that really doesn’t want to be there and you might have the beginnings of something. In Hollywood you would anyway. The true story that this movie is loosely, and I stress loosely, based upon was an inspiration to the country and to many others around the world that got to see them compete. Since then Jamaica has been in the Olympics pretty regularly, and has earned their spot.

1. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

As if racing a car against another person couldn’t get any more dangerous. Drifting isn’t just hard on the car, it’s tough on the driver as well.  Drifting is real but it’s a great deal harder than you see on the movie and for the final scene, both of the drivers should have been taking a tumble down the hill at one point. It might look cool, but in truth its a sure way to get yourself hurt unless you’re an expert stunt driver.

Downhill racing is all fine and dandy, but if you take a wrong bump or don’t turn at the right moment it’s likely that the buildup of momentum will take its toll and then some.


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