The Top Five Robert Downey Jr. Crying Scenes in Movies

Robert Downey Jr. has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood and he’s not one of the guys you see cry all that often. But back in the day when he was still young he had some emotional moments that were worthy of note. Even now he’s had a few movies where he can’t help but show his feelings now and again. His crying moments have been everything from slightly pathetic and downtrodden to something bordering on a deep-seated rage that comes from losing someone near and dear to him. When you think about his roles as of late you don’t think about him crying, but it does happen.

Otherwise he’s almost too sarcastic to cry it seems.

5. Less Than Zero

Failure doesn’t treat Julian very well since he takes a downward slide and never seems to recover. While his best friend Clay is doing well and moving forward in life Julian is still slipping further and further away. Eventually he becomes a male prostitute as well as a drug addict and from that point on it becomes a nightmarish life that he can’t escape.

4. The Judge

They say that a parent fights the most with the child that is the most like them. That might be the case in this movie since Duvall has just about written off Downey Jr. altogether no matter that his son is about the only person that can help him when he’s been arrested for murder. You would think the old man might be a bit more accepting, but it’s not until the end of the movie that the two of them finally reconnect.

3. Tropic Thunder

This is the silliest of the bunch since the tears aren’t real and neither is the feature in which the actors are portrayed in. Rather, they’re actors playing the part of actors when they’re dropped into the middle of the jungle and forced to march their way out. His tears in this scene are so overdone that Stiller can’t help but call for a cut since he can’t work this way.

2. The Pickup Artist

There’s a trick to being a pickup artist and it involves the woman never knowing what you really are. In this movie however Downey Jr. meets his match rather quickly and it makes him even more interested in Ringwald since she’s become someone that he can’t woo so easily. It’s funny how that happens, that a person that won’t fall for an act becomes even more attractive.

1.  Captain America: Civil War

There are some serious tears of rage in Tony’s eyes as he watches Bucky cruelly execute his parents after their devastating crash. He has serious plans of retribution in mind, but of course Cap keeps him from acting on them right away, which only makes the situation that much worse. This has to be one of the best and most anticipated fights in the entire MCU because honestly it’s so evenly matched no matter what anyone says.

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t much for crying these days, but when he needs to he can.

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