The Top Five TV Vampires Right Now

The basic concept of the vampire has been a popular part of the human imagination since ancient times. After all, we have a natural aversion to corpses, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the unnatural notion of corpses possessing a semblance of life has long been a nightmare for people from all around the world. Combined with another primordial fear in the form of being predated upon, the result is a classic monster that will be with us for the foreseeable future. However, it is interesting to note that vampires have undergone enormous transformations in recent decades, meaning that there are now a wider range of vampires on the TV screen than ever before.

Here are the top five TV vampires at the moment in no particular order:

Count Von Count

The Count merits a mention for the simple fact that he has been teaching kids basic mathematics for more than four decades. It is interesting to note that his interest in counting has a precedent in vampire folklore. For example, European peasants are sometimes said to have put seeds, millet, and even sand on the gravesites of suspected vampires in order to distract them. Likewise, while Chinese folklore does not have vampires as such, there are vampire-like beings that can be distracted by using rice in much the same method.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline the Vampire Queen is one of the most important characters on Adventure Time, having befriended the main character because he likes being himself. Technically, she was born royalty as the half-human, half-demon daughters of the ruler of the Nightosphere, but it is interesting to note that she actually got her title by overcoming the Vampire King when he started predating upon the people under her protection. Overall, Marceline is a complex character with complicated relationships as well as a number of stand-out points such as the heirloom battleaxe turned electric bass that make her well-worth watching.

Benny Lafitte

From Supernatural, Benny Lafitte is an excellent example of how modern vampires can be heroes in addition to their classic role as villains. In brief, he was a vampire who turned on his creator when he fell in love, which resulted in his death as well as his condemnation to Purgatory. As a result, Benny was in a position to help Dean Winchester escape from Purgatory in exchange for being restored to life, thus turning him into one of the Winchester brothers’ allies for a time. Although Benny has since sacrificed himself for Sam Winchester and Bobby Singer, the nature of the Supernatural setting means that he is not beyond recovery.

Proinsias Cassidy

As one of the characters in his own series put it, Proinsias Cassiday is not an evil man, but he is a weak man who brings those beside him to ruin through the events that he sets into motion. With that said, Preacher sees his transformation from this to something more, meaning that viewers of the TV show based on the comic books are in for a treat.

The Master

Sometimes it is good to watch a vampire in a more traditional role as the villain, with the Master from The Strain being an excellent example. In brief, he is an ancient monster who has unleashed a literal plague of vampires upon the world, thus creating the conditions for a story that seems as influenced by zombie media as by its vampire predecessors. As a result, the Master manages to be something both familiar and unfamiliar, thus providing the TV show with that much more appeal in the process.

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