The Top Five Uses of Cyndi Lauper Songs in Movies or TV

Cyndi Lauper has almost always been the odd woman out. She’s been flashing her eccentric style since long before it was considered cool and has been rocking it ever since. That’s a big part of why people love her and why she’s that awesome. It might also have something to do with the fact that she can produce great music and put on one heck of a good show. She’s been a part of pop culture for so long that all anyone has to do is speak her name and most people will nod their heads and smile as they recall just all the times they’ve seen this woman and fully enjoyed her presence.

She’s still the fun girl after all this time, no matter what anyone thinks.

5. This Is Us-Time After Time

For such a touching show only a slow, touching song would do. Lauper was known to get wild and crazy in her songs but she could also croon with the best of them as this song so elegantly proves. It’s been sung in many different ways but this particular version, though slow to start, is especially nice to hear after so long. Lauper’s version is still awesome, but hearing the song like this just gave me goosebumps.

4. Dancing With The Stars-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I can remember this as one of the many songs that took over the 80’s and didn’t really let go even into the 90’s as Lauper’s status kind of faded just a bit but never really went away. She’s one of those stars that might get less noticeable with time but still manages to keep her popularity at a reasonable and respectable level. Just try asking anyone who she is and you’ll probably get a solid answer more times than not.

3. Cyndi Lauper- She Bop

She had a style that not everyone was into but that didn’t matter since she was going to do things her way and that was that. This kind of attitude drew people to her in a way that was simply impressive and allowed Lauper to become a megastar in her own time. She wasn’t for everybody and that was just fine, she wasn’t intended to be. Cyndi did her own thing and had a blast with her career.

2. A Night At The Roxbury-Disco Inferno

Her career was actually starting to fade before 2000 but was still noticeable enough that people recognized when she was made a part of a feature through her music. She’s been in so many different parts of pop culture at this point that not recognizing her on sight or by her music is something that seems fairly impossible for people that grew up listening to her.

1. The Goonies-The Goonies R Good Enough

Oh yes. If you ever watched The Goonies then you know that she was a big part of the opening theme and was given a lot of credit for her part in this movie, which was well deserved. If you haven’t watched The Goonies yet….sigh, it might just be time to pop in the DVD and enjoy a return to childhood.

Cyndi Lauper is still around and still rocking it today, though her career has cooled off quite a bit.

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