The Top Five Uses of Kiss Songs in Movies

There was a load of controversy about this band when they first got started up. One issue was their name and what it supposedly stood for, while another was that they wore makeup and leather outfits on stage. And then there were those people that just felt a certain way about rock and roll in general which is kind of silly considering that the genre has been around for so long. KISS definitely took it to a new level though, and in films it’s seen that their style of music is either loved or hated.

Here’s a few films that show just why KISS was and still is a loved band.

5. Love Gun – Role Models

You might not fully agree with Wheeler’s discussion on how KISS is the greatest band, especially with Ronnie being so young, but you can’t deny the passion he holds for the music. He knows virtually everything there is to know about KISS and through this he finds a way to bond with Ronnie. This in turn makes both of their lives a little easier and becomes a link that allows them to enjoy one another’s company to the fullest.

4. I Was Made For Lovin You – Why Him?

Almost every dad has to ask this question when their daughter goes and finds someone that’s a little off kilter from what he might have expected. No man will ever be good enough for a father to just hand his daughter over no matter how much they like or dislike him, or even if they make an ungodly amount of money and can afford to hire at least two members of KISS. It’s a dad thing.

3. Calling Doctor Love – Magic Mike

You know if guys rushed the stage like this with a female dancer it would be completely illegal or at least heavily frowned upon. It’s not so much the crowding of the stage as it is the touching and the grabbing and the, well, yeah. Women seem to get away with this way more often and honestly we let it pass because women seem to enjoy the grab and release, not the grope and hold on for an inordinate amount of time. So long as no one’s getting hurt then really it seems like a good time.

2. Rock and Roll All Nite – Dazed and Confused

It’s all about having fun while you can and just living in the moment, right? KISS songs seem to idolize this feeling and have been used in films more often than not in an attempt to show the fun, good times that can be had. It’s not always the smartest thing to do, but it’s definitely one of the most entertaining and the times that will grant the best memories later in life.

1. Detroit Rock City – Detroit Rock City

KISS fans are just as crazy as any other fans, or at least they used to be. People would do virtually anything to get KISS tickets. In this film it’s shown that disco was well on top during KISS’s time, but it still couldn’t hold a candle to the quartet that rocked the stage harder than anyone at that time.

KISS is still popular band and is still listened to by many. Don’t bother trying to tell a KISS fan that their music is no good, you’re likely to find that there are more KISS fans around than you realized.


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