The Top Five Uses of Tupac Songs in Movies or TV

Lesane Parish Crooks, better known by the name he would take later on, Tupac Shakur, was a revolutionary in the rap game and one of the most famous names to ever hit the big time. His raps were usually about the ghetto and what went on in them concerning the cops and the average citizens. There wasn’t a lot of love in his music for the police but there wasn’t always outright hatred either. He wanted to tell a story that people could relate to and enjoy, he wasn’t as much about being a thug as so many seemed to want to label him as. Tupac was a poet and a storyteller more than anything and was passionate about his music as well as about the message he was trying to send. Throughout his career he made a lot of enemies but also acquired a lot of followers that loved him without reserve. Today his music is still a powerful voice that unfortunately no longer has it’s origin.

He’s still missed after all this time.

5. Creed-Hail Mary

To anyone that thought the Rocky saga was over you might be right, since Creed is young, capable, and just beginning his rise to fame. There’s already a Creed 2 in the making it would seem and there’s good reason to believe that Stallone will be making his way back to reprise his role as the kid’s manager and coach once again. If it’s anything like the first it should do okay.

4. This Is Where I Leave You-How Do U Want It

Judd is not a complicated man but his life has suddenly taken on a lot of complications when he finds his wife cheating with his boss and learns that his father has passed away. More than that, his mother is imposing a rule that he and his siblings come together as a family, something they haven’t done in years for obvious reasons as the movie gets going.

3. 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre-California Love

This collaboration with Dr. Dre is simply awesome and gives rise to one of the greatest songs ever conceived in the annals of hip hop. There are so many different TV shows and movies that have played this song in so many different ways that it’s hard to count. I thought that showing the actual video would be that much better since it’s fashioned after Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and it’s always been a favorite.

2. Above the Rim-Pain

Birdie is the guy that got drawn into the ‘hood’s business early on in life and never bothered to find a way out. He immersed himself so deeply in the neighborhood that when his brother Shep comes back there’s no other way to feel but concerned that Shep might actually ruin his flow and somehow upset the delicate balance of power he holds onto so tightly.

1. 2Pac feat. Talent-Changes

Tupac wanted change. He didn’t want people to be at each other’s throats constantly and he didn’t want the sins of the past to keep coming back as they’re known to do.  For a lot of his life he saw the negative and strove for the positive, only to be taken down by the negative in the end. If it doesn’t change then the future looks pretty bleak.

He was a much wiser man than many gave him credit for.

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