The Top Five Will Ferrell Yelling Scenes in Movies

Welcome back to the Yelling Game! Today we have Will Ferrell, one of the craziest, best yellers in the world so listen up! He’s got to be one of the nuttiest guys when it comes to opening his mouth and letting it fly because he seems to do it at least once or more in EVERY FILM HE’S IN. It doesn’t matter if there’s a good reason or not he’s going to yell and people are going to love it. Why? Because when Will Ferrell yells it seems that people just have to listen. It could be in part because he knows that being quite usually doesn’t endear him to a lot of people, or it could be because he’s just that wild and crazy and has to show it.

So let’s get to it!

5. Elf

This is what happens when a human is raised by elves and then comes back to the human world. He becomes a giant goof that doesn’t seem to know that humans, a lot of us, no longer believe in Santa. So how does he react? Oh, he just goes nuts and does things that we don’t understand and attacks mall store Santa’s because he thinks they’re impostors. You know, standard stuff.

4. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

It’s ironic that Will Ferrell is an educated man because his characters are-not-bright. Ricky Bobby is a guy that likes to go fast and do things in a way that don’t make sense but are somehow accepted by everyone around him. And then the French fly in the ointment comes along and shows him that he’s not such a big shot. What does he do? He just tells him to break his arm. Yeah, again, standard.

3. Step Brothers

Heaven help any parent that’s still got a forty-year old living in their home and mooching off of them because they can’t get it together. The only time a 40-year old should be living with their parents is when they’ve got no choice or they’re taking care of their parents. But in a Will Ferrell movie anything goes so this is pretty normal and doesn’t yet qualify as anything but creepy and sad, as well as funny.

2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

I will admit to turning this movie off about 15 minutes into it because I felt my IQ lowering while watching it. Somehow the movie got more and more attention so people did like it, but I never fully understood why. The actors are great, their parts are okay, but the movie for some reason just kind of went down like a bad dose of medicine that only gets worse the deeper it goes.

1. Old School

“Blue you’re my boy!” One of the best lines to ever come across a screen and be picked up by eager fans wishing for something to remember about a movie that they absolutely enjoyed. Frank the Tank was a madman, but he was a FUN madman.

When Will Ferrell opens his mouth there’s about a 50/50 chance he’ll be yelling.

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