The Top Uses of Bananarama Songs in Movies or TV

Formed in the early 1980’s Banarama was one of the most popular female groups that had come along in a while and was a sensation that helped women to continue their run in the music industry. Over the years they did manage to cement their legacy despite the obvious decline of their popularity. Once the 80’s were over they kind of dipped on the charts and became a much lesser known name thanks to the rise of so many other similar artists that saturated the market. They became a duo at one point before becoming a trio once more. They still perform today but are still a far more low key group.

Thankfully they have added something to pop culture thanks to their efforts.

5. American Dad!-Venus

This show raised a lot of eyebrows when it first came out despite all that had come before it. The edgy nature of it and the fact that it pulls few if any punches is part of what’s gained it such an intense following, despite the fact that it still plays second fiddle to the likes of Family Man and other animated shows. Still, it’s been one of the more popular programs for quite a while now.

4. Rain Man-Nathan Jones

This film was either loved or hated when it first came out, there wasn’t a lot of middle ground. Some people thought it was simply spectacular while some believed it put a negative spin on the mentally handicapped and those with serious disorders.  Over time though people have come to realize that Rain Man was a rather smart film and something that has earned its legendary status.

3. The Wild Life-The Wild Life

Let’s face it, the 80’s were a crazy time that didn’t allow for a lot of slowing down to contemplate things that were happening. Life was flying by at a breakneck pace and things were happening so rapidly that it paid to be ready for anything and everything to pop off if and when it did happen. Bananarama seemed to embrace that with a passion.

2. Bananarama-Do Not Disturb

Welcome back to the 80’s when it was cool to make videos that were less choreographed, featured graphics that could be done in a high school computer class, and had the feeling of something that couldn’t challenge a grade school music student.  It was what was popular back then however and for a while the artists rode the fame that acme with it.

1. The Karate Kid-Cruel Summer

This was without a doubt one of the most awesome movies ever conceived. Sure there’s a lot of plot holes and some glaring controversies that have been noted in the passing years, such as Daniel being the bully and Johnny being the poor victim. But overall the feel of the movie was that the real bully was eventually going to get what he deserved and the new kid was going to finally earn his place in the neighborhood by doing what it took to earn his respect. When it’s said that way it really does sound like Daniel was a little too aggressive.

Believe it or not, Banarama is still active today.


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