The Top Uses of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” in Movies or TV

For such an iconic song you can’t help but get up and dance or at least tap your foot to the beat whenever it comes on. Admit it, you’ve actually sung along with the words The Devil Went Down to Georgia whenever you hear it, I know I have. That image of a young boy named Johnny playing his fiddle to spite the devil is a powerful one and in some ways very playful to think about. Just think, the master deceiver, the famed devil of legend, getting outmatched by a young boy that believes in himself so much that he has no doubt of his ability and then lays waste to the devil and makes him ride off with shame. Now that’s an image for any song to be proud of, especially since the song’s just so much fun.

Here are a few moments on TV and in film when this song was used to great effect.

5. Urban Cowboy

Anything with the word ‘cowboy’ in it should have at least half a chance of featuring a song like this. Even better though is that the song fits perfectly within the movie and despite being just another song for the soundtrack is probably one of the most memorable. In a movie where one of the main goals is to stay on a mechanical bull for a long period of time this was one of the highlights.

4. Coyote Ugly

Come on, how many guys, and gals, can say that they wouldn’t want to go to this bar at least once just to say they’d been there? I know at this point that there are more Coyote Ugly bars around the states since I saw one in my travels years ago on the west side of the US. It might not be the original but just one glance inside was enough to know that it was good and wild.

3. Primus

Primus is one of those bands you’ve got to know about to stand a chance of enjoying really. They’re a worthwhile band but some of their songs are a little out there. With this tune however they’ve stayed pretty true to the original music and with the wonder of claymation they actually managed to create a very accurate story that helped those who couldn’t picture it in their heads.

2. The Waterboy

You don’t get to hear the lyrics but at the very least you know that you’re listening to the same song from the instrumental piece that’s introduced when Bobby has his flashback. First of all I think a lot of us happen to notice the humongous MOOSE that’s being gutted on the table, and then the song. Or is it vice versa? It’s kind of a toss-up for me really.

1. The Voice

You’ve got to have a little bit of nerve to sing this song to be honest. It’s not something that a lot of people who knot it are forgiving about when you flub it. Plus, singing AND playing the fiddle, or violin, is something that you DEFINITELY need to be practiced at before getting onstage.

Fire on the mountain run boys run.

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