The Top Uses of Ed Sheeran Songs in Movies or TV

Ed Sheeran is one of those performers you either like or you don’t, there’s not a lot of middle ground when it comes to enjoying his music or despising him. In fact when he was on Game of Thrones for a short time people were actually expecting to see his character get killed off almost immediately since it was Arya Stark he was talking to. But despite all that he’s still a very talented man and has proven it many times over as he’s climbed the charts with his music and appeared in several cameos to date. So whether you like him or not, he’s there, and he’s not going anywhere.

He is pretty talented to be honest.

5. The Simpsons-Crazy Fling

The way to Lisa’s heart is definitely through music since it’s the only thing she can’t share with her family. Well, there are other things but to be quite honest music is one of those things that touches her the most and tends to get her attention. Out of all the Simpsons she’s perhaps the most complicated since she can be just like her family and yet in the next second will prove that she’s nothing like them.

4. Strictly Come Dancing-Perfect

There’s a wide scope of talent that’s brought to bear for shows like Strictly Come Dancing and now and again they’ll bring the actual artist to the show to perform. Sheeran is just one of many so far but he’s still earned his spot by dint of being that good. His voice is something that can inspire his fans to no end and many people will gladly defend him against those that thinks he has no talent at all. Why would that be is kind of hard to imagine though.

3. Me Before You-Thinking Out Loud

Being in a relationship where you have to do everything for the person you care about would be very hard indeed, especially when it came to understanding that the person might kick off at any time. It was a pleasant chance to see Emilia Clarke in a different role however and realize that she has a very tender side, or can at least act like she does. This movie plucked the heartstrings of a lot of people no doubt.

2. Grey’s Anatomy-Kiss Me

Tragedy is the last thing you want at a wedding, but it can happen. At the very least the bride is kept from realizing just what’s happened in order to enjoy her special day. This show is all about feelings and the dynamics between people, so you can imagine that whatever emotion they’re going for is going to be one that would hit the hardest at the worst possible moment, such as a death might do for a wedding.

1. Sons of Anarchy-Make It Rain

For all that it was about tough as nails bikers and the stuff they had to go through just to survive, SOA was still a show that managed to convey the complex relationships that existed between the club members and those they cared about. In fact it was often called a male soap opera simply because it focused so much on the emotion and not on the action that people expected.

Ed Sheeran is talented, don’t let anyone tell you different.

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