The Top Uses of George Gershwin Songs in Movies or TV

George Gershwin was one of the most noted geniuses in his time and in the decades after his passing. His contributions to movie and TV have long outlasted the era in which he became popular since his compositions have been widely used for a number of purposes that have carried his fame over into the current century. It stands to reason that he might never have expected name to go this far but he certainly did his best to make certain that he would be remembered in some way. His music has gone on to inspire a great many other songs and has been used so often in pop culture that his surname has become one of the most known in show business even despite the fact that he passed away in 1937. There’s quite a bit that ‘s still left from that era but when speaking of music and movie stars there are only a few names that ever come to light on a fairly regular basis.

Thankfully his is one of them.

5. Fantasia 2000-Rhapsody in Blue

As before Fantasia is a stunning amalgam of music that tugs at the soul and pulls at the heartstrings in many different ways. Rhapsody in Blue is just one among many of the pieces that are featured in the film but as I said above, Gershwin is without a doubt one of the most noted contributors that made the cut. Even better, his piece is set in the 1930’s, hearkening back to the days when he was still around to enjoy his fame.

4. Strictly Come Dancing-Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

It’d be nice to watch these folks do an actual rehearsal just for the chance to see how long they practice and how exacting they really get. For the most part the dancers tend to be very good at what they’re doing but there are moments here and there where they seem to slip up just a bit.  It’s bound to happen if they don’t practice as much as possible but you would think for a show like this that they would.

3. Public Enemies-The Man I Love

Just like most films having something to do with a real life story this one was kind of lambasted as far as its accuracy went. Some people thought it was simply an entertaining film that depicted the life of John Dillinger and his gang, but if you read through the true histories of the gang members you might discover a few differences between the movie and reality that don’t quite mesh.

2. American Idol-Summertime

Some of the voices that make their way through American Idol are just priceless. And then there are some that start out great and then develop a kind of hitch or failing as they progress. It could be the added stress or it could be that the song they’re singing really isn’t their strongest piece. Whatever the case most times the finalists on the show are highly impressive, but every now and then a few of them get pretty far along and then kind of fold.

1. Mona Lisa Smile- ‘S Wonderful

In the 1950’s it was common that woman was expected to be a wife and a mother and little else. Thankfully that wasn’t good enough for a lot of free-thinking women that wanted more. In order to get more though they had to go against the grain of society. Once they did there was no going back.

Gershwin is likely be well-remembered for a long time to come.

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