The Top Uses of Journey Songs in Movies or TV

Any band that can boast that it had Santana and Steve Perry among its ranks no matter how many people came and went is one of the greatest bands of all time. Journey is obviously a favorite of many directors and actors since it appears so often in movies and even in TV, but the real trick of it is that they’re also a band that has transitioned very well across the generations to be universally loved by so many that their Hall of Fame induction was just a matter of when, not if. If you think back hard enough you should be able to realize just when you last heard a Journey song in your favorite movie or TV show.

It shouldn’t be too hard to recall one of their songs.

5. Vision Quest-Only the Young

Matthew Modine stars as a young man that wants to do something big with his life and as a result decides to drop down by two weight classes to compete against a wrestler that is the greatest athlete he’s ever known. There’s hardship, there’s pain, and there is a great deal of development that goes on as he goes through hell and back to get what he wants, the moment he’s been looking for.

4. Lip Sync-Don’t Stop Believin’

Did you ever think you’d see Snoop Dogg doing half of the stuff that he’s been doing in the last decade or so? Back in the days when he was a diehard gangsta rapper you couldn’t have predicted that he would actually get up on stage and lip sync to Journey. It just wouldn’t have happened no matter how much money you gave him. Snoop’s gotten even cooler in his old age.

3. Caddyshack-Any Way You Want It

This would get you kicked off pretty much any other golf course in the country, especially the snootier ones that happen to cost an arm and a leg to golf on, let alone belong to. But in the movie it’s a nice little break that introduces a bit of fun to the otherwise archaic and way too silent hall of silence that is Bushwood. Rodney Dangerfield know how to party.

2. Yes Man-Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

If you ever attend a seminar where a person with a microphone tells you to just say ‘yes’ to everything do yourself a favor and walk out the door. Yes a lot of them are scams. Yes this movie is totally making fun of such events, and oh yes, Jim Carrey was the best man for the job. On the other hand saying yes to a lot of things actually got him out of the house and into the possession of a life.

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby-Faithfully

Do you wanna go fast? Ricky Bobby did, and not just with his cars either. I don’t recall the last time that I saw a man lose his job, his wife, his family, and pretty much everything within such a short span of time. Well actually I do recall that a similar type of thing happens in high school, but losing your girlfriend and your job is about the extent of it.

Journey is classic no matter where it’s played.

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