The Top Uses of Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” in Movies or TV

This song had a hard time being pushed through since the people in charge of the movie Top Gun were looking for something dynamic sung by someone that was popular during the time and were striking out big time. Bryan Adams didn’t want to do it since he felt that the film glorified war, while REO Speedwagon couldn’t do it because they couldn’t add any of their own songs to the soundtrack. Kenny Loggins was finally tapped and after a few modifications he came out with a track that has been one of the hottest songs that defined one of the most iconic movies in a long time.

That’s a lot of trouble to develop a single song.

5. Legends of Tomorrow

These are essentially the heroes and villains you don’t hear about in the films that are still important in their own right since they’re tasked with guarding the timelines that have been under attack throughout the three seasons that the show has been on the air. For DC fans this is either a hit or miss depending on just how you feel about the content and how accurate it is, but for most anyone else it’s a fun show to watch.

4. Archer

Archer is an oddity of a show really but is based around the spy genre that so many people love and can’t get enough of. The main character is the number one spy in the group and yet seems so inept that he can’t help but screw up time and time again as he makes one mistake after another while attempting to do his duty. There’s no doubt why it’s on so late in the evening since it’s not exactly a kid-friendly show.

3. How I Met Your Mother

You simply know that whenever this song hits that someone will be doing something extremely risky or someone will be representing Top Gun in some way or form. The fact that Barney does it on this show only serves to prove that he’s fun, outgoing, and kind of an egomaniac in many ways. A lot of guys might try to pull off this look but only a few of them really have the attitude to think that they look that good in a flight suit.

2. The Simpsons

Leave it to Homer to do something dangerous, right? It seems like no matter what he’s done in the past there’s always a way to raise the bar when it comes to the patriarch of the Simpson family. Whatever it takes to get a laugh or to show that he’s really not that bright, Homer is bound to do it just to show that he can. I think I’d draw the line at cycling around real cobras though, even in the cartoons.

1. Top Gun

This is what the song was originally intended for after all the trouble it took to finally get someone to sing it. There’s no real word yet on when the next Top Gun movie will be finished but it’s enough to wonder if this song will be dredged up again for another use.

That’d be a nice throwback to the original.

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