The Top Uses of Lana Del Ray Songs in Movies or TV

Lana Del Ray, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, has the kind of voice you could easily get lost in since it’s deep, rich, and very intoxicating. She’s been lauded for her ability to sing about not only pop culture from the 50’s and 60’s but also for the manner in which she seems capable of dropping into an octave that speaks of a dark, haunting theme that many singers don’t know how to achieve. Yet she does so in such an effortless manner that one can’t help but marvel at her prowess and continue to listen to each passing note as she sings from a place that many of us might not understand.

It kind of sounds like the same place I write from to be honest.

5. Saturday Night Live-Video Games

Video Games is one of the songs that really allowed her to be noticed and helped her career to take off. She’s been active since around 2005 and has been heard on a great many soundtracks ever since. Being on SNL is a great boost to a person’s career no matter how many people have been there and eventually dropped off. It’s all a matter of what the singers do with what they have.

4. Pretty Little Liars-Ride

It’s easy to remain at the top of a social circle when everyone around you knows who you present yourself as and the secrets you try to keep hidden are never revealed. But what happens when one of your inner circle is suddenly gone and you have someone threatening to spill those secrets? The show kind of turns the popularity and security of the main characters into a thrilling ride that leaves the viewer wondering just who the mystery antagonist is.

3. The Great Gatsby-Young and Beautiful

It’s amazing what a person can make of themselves with hope. This story didn’t make a whole lot of sense after reading it in high school but after reading it again it came into focus and I had to sit back and wonder at the people being portrayed. Hope is a great thing if you let it build you up and take you to new heights. But it’s also a poison that can sap the very will from the humanity that so many cling to if allowed to run unchecked.

2. American Horror Story: Freak Show-Gods and Monsters

The effect behind this song in Freak Show is that no freak will perform on a certain night out of the year, since that’s the time when Edward Mordrake was appear from the grave to select one freak that he would take back with him. In the show everyone knew to fear Mordrake, but Elsa was quite adamant about doing what she wanted no matter if it meant the demise of one of her own people. Plus, in the end she was more than ready for him.

1. Maleficent-Once Upon A Dream

This movie tells the story of Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent in a much different manner than anyone had ever heard before. Instead of being JUST the villain, she had her chance to be the hero as well. That was a definite twist.

Lana Del Ray has a great voice and is wonderful to listen to.

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