The Top Uses of Scandal’s “The Warrior” in Movies

So a word to all you readers before this gets started. This song was VERY HARD to find, so if the rumors and hints that I’ve received to reach the conclusion of this list are not accurate please forgive me it took a very long time to find them. Surprisingly a lot of people still listen to this song, a few might even still watch the video, but finding it in an actual film is just downright difficult. So if you don’t agree with this list then go on and tell me and by all means shout out some movies that it did appear in. The Warrior is a great song, but it is SO hard to find.

Here are the few that I caught rumors of having heard it referenced or actually playing in.

5. Just Before I Go

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this guy hasn’t it? Since American Reunion it seems like he hasn’t done much. But in this film he’s playing a guy that is seriously contemplating suicide, so he’s making his rounds throughout the harder times in his life to see if he can find some closure. What he finds is that getting any closure at all with your life is a little difficult when you refuse to let go.

4. The Karate Kid

We all know the story of the Karate Kid by now. The wax on and wax off method is a part of our history growing up, right? There have been theories abounding up and down about this movie since it was brought out and many of them seem sound enough while others seem a little out there. To tell the truth though, the theory about Daniel actually being the bully seems a little strange, but stranger is that while this song is rumored to be in this film, it’s hard to remember where.

3. Red Dawn

The song certainly fits the film at least, but once again this is rumor and hints that it has something to do with this film. Red Dawn was a momentous movie that many people have followed and many more have actually taken to hear throughout the years. American pride is nothing to be messed with after all, but some people took the idea of this movie so seriously that it kind of became their ideal of how the nation should be.

2. Repo Man

This won’t show up on the soundtrack, which leads me to believe it was either uncredited or was there and gone so quickly that it would take watching the movie over and over again just to hear it. But the fact is that a rumor brought me to this movie in search of the warrior and scandal.

1. Bachelor Party

This seems like it might be a good rumor to follow largely because it’s in the right time frame of the song and it seems like a track that might actually make it into this film. This was as wild and crazy as it could be given the rating but it was and still is a classic. I mean really, how often does Tom Hanks get wild and crazy anymore?

Like I said at the beginning, this list is going largely off of rumor. So if you see something out of whack let me know. I won’t go arguing with you this time considering how hard it was to find any simple mention of this song.


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