The Top Uses of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” in Movies or TV

It’s hard to think that there are that many people who’ve been around for a while that haven’t heard about Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. It’s been featured in movies and TV alike and the story of the swan princess, has been told many a time in front of audiences the world over. How the music is used however has varied from one version to another and in some cases it’s been used to mark a solemn occasion while in others it’s been used for drama.

In any use or version it’s considered to be a masterful piece.

5. Of Gods and Men

It’s tough to hold to your ideals in a world where such things are too often taken for granted and given over to the new way of thinking that is introduced by the generations that come after. But in this film it is shown that the kind of stoicism that is needed is still possible to find even if it is not fully understood. The world has moved on in ways we might not understand but there are still those that will hold to the old ways through everything that comes.

4. The Blacklist

Red is one of the strangest men around. He’s been accused of some of the worst crimes in the world and yet he’s also shown a strangely altruistic side throughout this show. It’s hard to know whose side he’s on, other than his own, but one thing is certain, he’s willing to take down some of the worst people in the world for his own purposes, which sometimes coincide with those seeking justice. Other times it’s a toss up as to what he’s doing.

3. Leap!

It’s amazing what we’ll do in order to achieve our dreams, even when it leads us to actions that we know are wrong. That’s the danger of passion, but the rewards for never giving up can be great if we’re willing to humble ourselves now and again in order to recognize the magnitude of what it is that we want. In that manner we become more complete as human beings, and in doing so realize how much bigger our dreams can be.

2. Westworld

The story behind Swan Lake seems to be that in some way, shape, or form, we all desire to be someone else, no matter if we know this or not. In some way we all have a hidden self that we know nothing about until it’s finally revealed, for good or ill. What better way then to reveal this than in Westworld, where you can quite literally become someone else for the sheer fun of it. Of course fun is a relative term.

1. Black Swan 

Nina is, for lack of a better word, obsessed with her chance to become the swan princess. She barely eats to maintain her figure, she’s overly critical of herself, and she is slowly but surely going insane as her neurotic behavior continues to alter her perceptions of the world around her. In many ways she has become the black swan before the play even begins.

For such a beautiful piece Swan Lake can be attributed with some seriously dark undertones.

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