The Top Uses of Tom Jones Songs in Movies or TV

Sir Thomas John Woodward, or Tom Jones as most people will know him, is a Welsh singer that’s been tearing it up on the stage for over six decades. Think about that, sixty years this guy has been doing his thing and he’s still considered one of the absolute best in the business. Obviously he had to give way eventually to the new talent but his old school ways and sound have still managed to stick with America and wherever else he’s celebrated to this day. What else can people say? He’s got that kind of sound that’s almost infectious. Even if you don’t happen to like his music the chances are that you’ll find yourself humming it occasionally or even singing aloud just because you can’t get it out of your head.

That’s how good he really is.

5. Edward Scissorhands-With These Hands

This was kind of an oddball movie but it was still very meaningful and even touching in a way. A young man with knives for fingers is locked away and left abandoned after his creator passes away. He’s found by an Avon lady of all people and taken home where she attempts to make him a regular member of society. The only trouble is that this isn’t what he was created for.

4. Lip Sync Battle-It’s Not Unusual

So you’ve got to get past the rendition of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s song Good Vibrations but eventually you’ll get to John Michael Higgins singing It’s Not Unusual in a very campy manner. The good part about this show is that it’s all for entertainment and to see just who can emulate the singers better. Sometimes the singers even show up to help out, which is pretty cool.

3. American Hustle-Delilah

It’s basically a race to the finish to see who can out-hustle who in this star-studded film that kind of went nowhere for a while. It was lauded as being one of the best films of the year and even seemed to have glimmers of greatness throughout it’s length but the weirdness kind of canceled some of that out I think. Of course that’s my opinion, personally it was interesting enough to watch again.

2. Turbo-What’s New Pussycat?

If you’re thinking “yeah right, a racing snail” then you’ve probably never seen the movie. I had a few thoughts of my own before turning it on but all in all this was a funny movie. There are a few questionable moments here and there that make it seem less like a kids film but overall Turbo was a lot of fun and provided a couple of important lessons throughout.

1. Madea Goes to Jail-She’s A Lady

I’ll admit it, I’m not a Madea fan, but this song works so well that it’s conceivable that nothing else would have worked as well. She’s mean, she’s crude, and she’s still somehow a lady. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Madea has managed to be one of the most popular characters created within the last decade. I don’t get it, but other people do so to each their own.

Tom Jones is already a legend in his own time, and for good reason.

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