Torchwood Season 4 Renamed, Given Plot

Back in August, we told you that the fourth season of Torchwood would be titled The New World. Sorry, that isn’t true. Russell T. Davies and the folks behind the BBC/Starz drama have changed the title from The New World to Miracle Day. If it doesn’t sound as epic, that’s because it isn’t — but it fits the plot a whole lot more. After all, it was revealed today what exactly what the plot was about: immortality. According to TVLine:

The new season of Torchwood asks the provocative (and arguably horrifying) question, “What would happen if the entire human race became immortal?”

“Not a single person on Earth dies” confirms Davies of the premise for the fourth season, which will bear the title Torchwood: Miracle Day. “The old stay old. It’s great news for some people, but globally it’s an instant population boom. Earth relies on people dying. Suddenly you’re affecting everyone on the planet. That’s where the Torchwood team comes in.”

This seems to build on the more global scope of the third series, Children of the Earth. And, just when you thought the show hadn’t Americanized enough by being shared with Starz, you can rest easy: Bill Pullman is playing the big bad guy. Pullman, who will also be launching the final season of his HBO drama Big Love later this month, has an as-yet unknown role. My money’s on him being an alien.

Think the premise sounds dark enough? TVLine does.

Oh, and one last thing: Said premise is going to make Torchwood: Children of the Earth look like mere child’s play. You thought that conceit was dark? Just wait.

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